Faces of Shift with MIQ

Who is MIQ?

MIQ an independent marketing intelligence company with the people and technology that help businesses win. In short, we help agencies and brands with media, analytics and technology.

What is marketing intelligence?

Marketing Intelligence extracts insights from a brand’s data assets to fuel business strategy, rather than just being a vehicle to execute upon. It connects marketing to business outcomes. Ultimately, Marketing Intelligence allows for smart, data-driven decisions to be made in real time, maximizing marketing and media investments and lifting KPIs.

What drew you to Shift to be the home base for your creative company?

As a small and growing local team, we were looking for a place that matched our culture and fun but also hard-working attitude. Shift has been beyond wonderful with accommodating our growing team, constant visitors, and of course the daily food treats are amazing!

How do you keep your team motivated?

Studies show that people produce the best work when they love where they work and most importantly WHO they work with. We hire smart and fun people that not only want to make our customers happy, but have fun doing it!

Is there any exciting news or projects happening within your company?

We just launched our new brand (logo, name and mission) this week! We are also not new to the online advertising ecosystem but new to the western region, so everything is exciting right now!

How do you see the company expanding in the next 5 years?

More people, more revenue, more partners, more customers, more offices, more technology… you name it, we’re growing!

To learn more about this exciting and growing marketing intelligence company; visit their website at www.wearemiq.com or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

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