Faces of Shift with Raylene Decatur | Kittleman & Associates

Can you share the origin story of Kittleman & Associates and how it has evolved over the years?

Kittleman was founded over 60 years ago by Jim Kittleman.  Jim was a Booz Allen consultant who was struck by the differences between corporate and nonprofit executive search.  He founded the first retained search firm focused exclusively on service to the nonprofit community.  Over 60 years Kittleman has completed 2,000 executive search engagements in all 50 states and Canada.  Today we have nine principals in four cities completing about 80 nonprofit CEO searches annually.

What is your role within Kittleman & Associates? Can you describe a typical day in your role?

Not sure there is a typical day! I am typically working on two to four searches and may be meeting with Search Committee members, screening candidates, interviewing candidates with Board members or making a job offer.  Regardless, each day is filled with conversations with clients and candidates!

How does Kittleman & Associates prioritize innovation and stay ahead in a competitive market?

Kittleman provides “perspective” not “presumption” in our work with clients.  We strive to meet each client where they are, and do a rigorous assessment of the skills, attributes and experience required in their next CEO or Executive Director.  Being a very high touch, boutique firm keeps us highly competitive in the search market.

What about your business and/or industry inspires you? 

Seeing our client organizations prosper and thrive inspires me.  I want to leave each organization better than I found it!

How does Kittleman & Associates approach client relationships and ensure client satisfaction?

Getting to know the Board and staff helps us understand the unique culture, opportunities and challenges of each organization.  That knowledge contributes to a better search process and outcome, which contributes to client satisfaction.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment at Kittleman & Associates so far?

I have been with the firm since 2006 – have never had the same day twice and still love what I do.

What drew you to Shift to be your company home in Denver?

The warm feeling at the Corona street location and sense of community.

Can you highlight any recent projects or initiatives that Kittleman & Associates is particularly proud of?

Proud of our great placements and seeing the fantastic work they are doing!

How has joining Shift Workspaces Corona contributed to your growth and success? 

Great work atmosphere.  Clients love meeting here and always comment on the beautiful offices.

What hobbies or interests do you pursue outside of your career that help you stay balanced?

Love spending time outdoors, in Denver or the mountains to refresh and renew.

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