Grant Barnhill


Grant Barnhill believes in Denver’s revitalization. As someone who has been managing, developing and investing in the local Real Estate scene for over 30 years, Grant is a veteran of successful transactions and operations including hundreds of millions of dollars worth of apartment, industrial, and office projects. Since 1993 Grant has been at the forefront of Denver’s transforming scene and has built his career upon its buildings and neighborhoods in a way that has positively impacted the local communities. Mr. Barnhill attended New York University and the University of Colorado at Denver, and has been an active donor to numerous local non-profits. He is the founder of the Shift Foundation and lives in Denver with his son Max.

In 1987, Grant began as a landlord representative at Fuller & Company, where he developed a unique marketing strategy to negotiate office leases for a portfolio of over a million square feet of commercial office space in the Denver area alone. His clients include the Arco Pension Fund, Wells Fargo Realty, Sun Savings, and the Resolution Trust Corporation, who have helped shape the Denver we know and love today. In 1991 he co-founded Libery Partners, Inc., a full-service tenant representation firm. He’s also provided corporate Real Estate consulting services for some of America’s largest companies including Hormel Foods, RR Donnelly & Sons, CH2M Hill, and Woodward-Clyde Group, Inc. In 1995, Mr. Barnhill sold his interest in Liberty to form Barnhill Capital, a real estate investment firm where he continued to invest in his good works.

Between 1994 and 2000, Barnhill Capital devoted itself to acquiring properties in central Denver neighborhoods, and Grant’s firm managed due diligence, acquisition, equity placement, interior design, construction management, leasing, marketing, financial reporting, tax reporting, and ultimate disposition of dozens of properties. In 2002, Grant co-founded Boutique Apartments, a multifamily brand in Denver that has rehabilitated and stabilized more than twenty multifamily projects in urban Denver neighborhoods. Under Mr. Barnhill’s supervision, these buildings were completely renovated with a unique brand identity that transformed them from underperforming assets into a remarkable portfolio worth tens of millions in 2014. Since 2021, Grant has repositioned industrial buildings and converted them into personal warehouse units for business owners. These new units have been customized into flexible spaces for RV users, boat owners, collectors, and everyone in between. By offering personal and secure warehouses with unlimited access in Denver, Barnhill Capital has been able to put itself at the forefront of the needs of the expanding local business market.

Shift Workspaces was founded by Grant in 2012 based on a passion for community and a drive to personalize concierge-level services for career professionals. Shift opened its first location in Denver’s Alamo Placita neighborhood at 4th and Corona Street, it’s second community in the Golden Triangle in October 2016 and its third location on Main Street inDowntown Littleton in July 2020. Since then, Shift has become a thriving community of over seven hundred strong, with entrepreneurs from all over the Denver area and beyond. Shift Workspaces continues to be deeply committed to community philanthropy and outreach, and all three Shift locations have produced strong returns for investors and have become important cornerstones of their neighborhoods. As Shift continues to expand its footprint in the Denver market, Mr. Barnhill has also considered regional expansion to bring the opportunities and growth of Shift Workspaces to other parts of the United States. You can see all of Grant’s good works and more via LinkedIn.

Sibila Lantzy

Executive Vice President

Sibila is a proud and passionate member of Shift and a key component of its successes. As Executive Vice President, Sibila has worked diligently over the last ten years to ensure that Shift is constantly putting people and the community at the forefront. The Shift Experience is about the journey, bettering oneself, and working with others, and Sibila can attest that balancing these personal and professional standards has helped both her and Shift succeed.

Sibila has been in the industry for over two decades, with experience in both Residential Real Estate and Brokerage Startups. Her experience in real estate has given her a unique perspective on the needs and wants of people, and after selling her brokerage in Winter Park she moved to Bend, Oregon where she was able to invest her time in unique housing opportunities. In 2013, Sibila moved back to Denver and began her journey with Shift Workspaces where she was able to grow and foster new opportunities.

After working for over ten years for the Keystone Resort, Cordillera Hotel, and the Brown Place Hotel and Spa, Sibila acquired a polished understanding of hospitality and service. It was in these formative roles that Sibila gained an appreciation for helping others and improving lives, by providing memorable and satisfying experiences. As a member of CREW, a premier business network in Real Estate that puts women first, Sibila has been able to retain her connections and build new networks for Shift. She’s also a member of the Better Business Bureau and B Corp, where she can help make the business a force for good. Sibila views each day an opportunity for growth and learning. She has spent much of her career fostering important relationships with other businesses to help improve Shift’s outreach and presence.

Sibila loves to help and has used her experience and business acumen to help struggling businesses make a turnaround for the better. Most importantly, enjoys the unique challenge of helping a business become better for both the planet and the community. Her unique perspective has allowed her to bring important resources to Shift Workspaces, where she’s helped it grow, change, and adapt to the times as the Executive Vice President. Sibila is also bilingual, and her ability to speak both Spanish and English has opened the doors for additional community outreach in Denver.

When she’s not working, Sibila loves to cook, ski, spend time in the local parks, hike, participate in hot yoga, and more. She’s currently learning how to play the piano and loves to spend time with friends and family. The opportunities granted at Shift Workspaces have helped her personal and professional life flourish, and she’s used her position to foster new working relationships with coworking communities across the globe. As Sibila likes to say, every day is a fresh opportunity to strive to be better. You can see what she’s up to via LinkedIn.

Travis Low


Travis Low is a seasoned Leadership, Management, and Finance professional with over two decades of experience in Energy, Entrepreneurship, Capital Markets, and Business Consulting. He has a proven track record of growing multiple businesses in the private and public arenas while completing over ten billion dollars of market transactions including acquisitions and divestitures, equity and debt issuances, as well as restructurings.

Travis Low’s expertise lies in Finance, Management, and Leadership. He is passionate about helping businesses succeed and the personal/professional growth of all that surround him. Travis has a Master’s Degree in Business from Regis University where he finished at the top of his class and graduated with honors. Travis has multiple certifications in various business-related subjects from some of the top universities in the world including Stanford and MIT.

Outside of work, Travis enjoys golf, reading, and spending time with his wife and two children. Travis also actively participates in numerous community and charity activities.

Overall, Travis is a respected professional with a wealth of experience and expertise who is dedicated to driving the best possible results.

Maggie Clark

Chief Operating Officer

Maggie likes to say that real estate is in her blood. Her New York family has been in commercial property management for over 30 years, so she considers Shift Workspaces to be part of the family business. As Chief Operating Officer, Maggie has been able to demonstrate her unique combination of skills from the performing arts, customer service, advertising, and real estate, and her time with nonprofit organizations to make Shift all that it can be.

Born in Syracuse, New York, Maggie moved to Denver, Colorado in 2008. A lifelong ballet dancer, Maggie Clark was able to teach ballet and dance with various contemporary dance companies in the Denver area. Maggie was also the Artistic Director at Parallax Performing Arts for years. She spent time as the General Manager of the Colorado School of Dance for over 4 years before joining the team at Shift Workspaces. Her passion for the arts and her experience working with others has made her a necessary component of Shift’s changing future.

A graduate of Hofstra University, Maggie has used her Psychology major and Anthropology minor to learn more about the world and make things better for herself, her family, her coworkers, and her clients. In June 2017, Maggie began her career with Shift as the General Manager of the Bannock property. As a member of the new center opening team, she also helped open the Littleton property in July 2020 as its General Manager and was promoted to Director of Sales in June 2021. Her time as Director of Sales equipped her with a business acumen that, combined with her creative passions, has made her an indispensable member of the Shift team. In February 2023, Maggie entered into her COO role in the company where she can better oversee the company’s ever-changing needs.

Maggie is happily married to her husband Russ and is a proud mother to their two sons, Weston and Jones. They are dog lovers with a long history of proud pet ownership and spend much of their time in Ken Caryl. She is still very passionate about the performing arts and loves doing nonprofit outreach with Shift in the Denver area. As a professional, Maggie loves to tackle creative challenges each and every day. You can see what she’s up to and follow her on LinkedIn, or schedule a Tour with her at Shift Workspaces.

Morgan Trego

Director of Hospitality

Morgan is a seasoned hospitality professional with a passion for elevating experiences. As the Director of Hospitality at Shift Workspaces, Morgan combines her strategic vision with hands-on leadership to ensure unparalleled service standards. With a commitment to innovation and a keen eye for detail, Morgan continues to redefine hospitality excellence in every endeavor.

Her roots in Ohio have instilled in her a strong sense of community and an appreciation for genuine connections, which she seamlessly incorporates into her role at Shift Workspaces. Morgan has been in the hospitality industry for more than ten years, offering expertise spanning upscale fine dining restaurants, luxury golf and country clubs, award winning spa’s and inn’s, along with the simple pleasure of a cozy café. Morgan has honed her skills in diverse settings, causing her to gain an appreciation for enhancing all experiences for those in her life. After graduating from Kent State University with a degree in Hospitality Management, Morgan embarked on a dynamic career journey when moving to Colorado in 2018.

In addition to her extensive hospitality background, Morgan is also a certified yoga instructor through the Fort Collins School of Holistic Yoga. This unique qualification allows her to infuse principles of mindfulness and well-being into Shift Workspaces. With her dedication to both professional excellence and community well-being, Morgan brings a holistic approach to her role, enriching the lives of both Members and team members alike.

Creating a warm and hospitable environment through genuine hospitality is something Morgan aims to do each day. She’s enjoyed her 4 year tenure with Shift Workspaces as it has allowed her to experience meaningful moments with the Shift community. As the Hospitality Department of Shift Workspaces continues to evolve, Morgan strives to keep building relationships and introducing the community to innovative offerings. Stay up to date with Morgan on LinkedIn, or schedule a Tour with her at Shift Workspaces.

Kasandre Dirmeyer

General Manager

Shift Workspaces Bannock

Kasandre’s journey in venue and event management is a testament to her passion for creating unforgettable experiences. Prior to this role, Kasandre exhibited her expertise as the Community Manager at Shift Workspaces Littleton, where she played a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant and connected community.

One aspect that defines Kasandre’s dedication to her work is her genuine love for people and the connections they form. At Shift Workspaces, she enjoys witnessing members forge meaningful relationships, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie that goes beyond the workplace.

Before her college graduation in Salt Lake City, she embraced her adventurous spirit by moving to different places every few years. She returned to Colorado after earning a degree in Arts Administration, and since then, she’s never looked back or entertained the thought of leaving the place she now calls home.

Beyond her professional achievements, Kasandre enjoys exploring the breathtaking mountain towns of Colorado during her free time. Amongst her favorites are the charming locales of Pagosa Springs and Crested Butte, where she finds solace and inspiration in nature’s wonders.

Kasandre is a passionate hockey fan, with the Colorado Avalanche capturing her loyalty. When the hockey season is in full swing, you’ll find her and her husband cheering passionately from the stands of Ball Arena.

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General Manager

Shift Workspaces Littleton

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General Manager

Shift Workspaces Corona

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