Faces of Shift with Maggie Clark

Maggie, we are excited to highlight you as the Face of Shift this month. Can you share a bit about your professional journey at Shift Workspaces and the experiences that have shaped your career. What led you to Shift?

After graduating college, I spent nearly a decade immersed in the performing arts industry. I was driven by a desire to further challenge myself and being inspired by my family’s background in commercial real estate, I made a career transition. Seven years ago, I joined Shift Bannock as the General Manager. Over the years, I was on the new center opening team at Shift Littleton, advanced to Director of Sales, and currently serve as the Chief Operating Officer.

What personal values do you bring to your role as COO, and how do they influence the culture and operations of Shift Workspaces?

Having sat in nearly every seat in the company, I possess a comprehensive understanding of the daily operations and responsibilities of each role. I have also become a mom over my tenure at Shift which has deeply broadened my levels of understanding, patience and efficiency as a team lead.

Can you share the unique vision and ethos behind Shift Workspaces, and how Shift sets itself apart from other coworking environments?

Shift Workspaces embodies the vision of CEO Grant Barnhill, with hospitality at its core. We are dedicated to creating an environment that enhances productivity, enjoyment, and a sense of welcome. Our goal is to ensure that every moment spent at Shift Workspaces is not only efficient but also enriching and comfortable, fostering a workplace culture that values both professional and personal well-being.

How do you maintain a work-life balance? What are some of your favorite weekend activities?

I am a true homebody at heart. I love working in my garden and spending time with my husband and kids. During summers, we relish in cooking out in the backyard and hosting friends and family at our home.

How do you stay inspired and motivated in your role, especially when faced with challenges?

Over the past 12 years, Shift has built an incredibly strong brand and foundation. Post-Covid, while the way people work has evolved, the need for effective work environments remains. We continue to adapt to meet the changing expectations and preferences for how people want to experience their workday.

Can you share a personal anecdote that highlights a particularly rewarding moment in your career at Shift Workspaces?

Achieving your first 100% occupancy is an unparalleled feeling. It’s the culmination of months of hard work, dedication, and effort to fill a property—there’s truly nothing like it!

How do you see the future of coworking spaces evolving, especially in the luxury segment?

Coworking has always been more than just desks, chairs and coffee. You walk into a Four Seasons or similar luxury brand, and you know it. You smell it. You feel it. Every detail, from the decor to the service, exudes a distinctive atmosphere and quality that sets it apart. Likewise, successful coworking spaces will need to curate a unique identity and experience to attract and retain members. They must offer more than just functional workspaces; they should cultivate a sense of community, provide amenities that enhance productivity and well-being, and create an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. This approach not only differentiates them in a competitive market but also ensures that members perceive coworking as a valuable and enriching experience beyond traditional office spaces.

What are your strategies for staying ahead in the competitive coworking market?

My focus at Shift is to uphold and enhance our established local brand. Instead of chasing fleeting market trends, I prioritize refining our proven processes every day. This approach ensures sustained success and reinforces our identity as a reliable and respected presence in the market.

Introduce us to your sweet family!

I’m a proud Mama to two sweet boys: Weston, who’s 2 ½ years old, and Jones, who is 8 months. My husband Russ and I call Ken Caryl home, just a short 15-minute drive west of the Littleton property. Our boys definitely keep us on our toes, especially during the lively summer months. We love spending as much time outdoors as we can, whether it’s taking walks, swimming at the pool, or tending to our garden together!

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