Faces of Shift with Scoot Education

Tell us, who is Scoot Education and what does your firm focus on?  

Scoot is an education staffing partner that helps staff schools with teaching and non-teaching roles. We cater to all school types – private, religious, charter, and public schools. Our offices are buzzing with the exuberance of people who are truly in love with what they do. Matching great educators with the schools and students who need them most keeps us excited, engaged, and motivated. Every aspect of our business reflects our BE GREAT values. 

What are Scoot’s core values? How does this affect how your company caters to the schools and educators you work with?  

Be Great!  

Belief, Equity, Growth, Relationships, Empower, Attitude, Team  

Scoot works very closely with our school partners to cater to each schools’ specific needs for staffing. Our team believes in placing the right people in the right environment as it directly affects students educations.  

We know most of your team has a teaching background. What inspires you about teaching and education?  

The team believes, as many do, that kids are our future. The education industry is in crisis and the team wants to be a part of the solution. It is important to the team that kids can see themselves in not only the educators that they are around every day but also in the world they live in. This way they can build a better world for themselves and continue to be part of the solution.   

What would you say is your primary differentiator?   

Like Shift, Scoot is dedicated to having a personalized touch with all their partners. We have open lines of communication with their educators and schools. We are actively providing professional coaching for educators and for education management. Because we get to know our school partners well, we take an individualized approach to placing the right person in the right environment. This type of meaningful work ends with real world results.   

What drew Scoot to Shift Bannock to be your home base in Denver?  

Lela was a former member of Shift Corona location and knew that when it came to look for a new office space that Shift was the choice. The amenities were a big draw to a membership at Shift as well as the location being so close to the Capital building.   

How has Shift Workspaces contributed to your success?  

Officing at Shift has allowed our team to take better care of themselves daily. The weekly offerings that we have at Shift allow the team to carve some time out of their schedules to come down and grab a quick lunch or hang out during Winery Wednesday.   

We know the team likes trying new restaurants together for lunch, what else do you enjoy doing outside of work?  

When not in the office, the Scoot team enjoys spending time outside to re-center themselves, spending time with their families, and enjoying some guilty pleasure TV to unwind.  



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