Faces of Shift with RefractROI

Tell us about RefractROI. What does the company primarily specialize in and what is your role? 

RefractROI is a digital marketing and media agency based in Denver that works with companies, primarily manufacturing firms, that generate between $5 million to $50 million in revenue that want to get found online, generate more leads, and be thought leaders in their industries. 

What differentiates RefractROI from the competitors?  

We take an economic focus to our client engagements, determining first what kind of ROI can be achieved and how much revenue a client can generate.  We then utilize our services help them capture existing demand as well as access latent demand for what they do, helping them to grow their revenue and the value of their business. 

What about your business and/or industry inspires you?  

I love how we can transform companies and the lives of the people that work for our clients.  We’ve made a lot of people very wealthy over the years. 

Could you highlight some standout achievements or success stories that RefractROI is particularly proud of. 

Our standouts are when we are able to help our clients grow revenue many times over what they were doing before they met us or when they are able to sell their company for many times what it was worth before they met us. 

What is your long-term company vision or goals? 

Our long term vision is to create a digital marketing agency that is a thought leader in the manufacturing market vertical. 

How does RefractROI approach adaptability to changing market trends or technological advancements? 

We are constantly innovating in our services to our clients.  When we started we just did SEO and Google Ads, and now we do so many other services.  AI currently presents a great opportunity for us to do a better job of helping our clients market themselves in new and more efficient ways. 

What drew you to Shift to be your company home in Denver? 

We used to have an office near Union Station.  Our workforce has changed and they prefer a hybrid work environment.  Shift is conveniently located and it enables us to provide that hybrid environment 


How has joining Shift Workspaces Corona contributed to your growth and success? 

It has improved the culture of our workforce and it has allowed us to spend money we used to spend on rent for other activities we can do as a team. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of business?  

I like to stay active like a lot of Coloradoans do, so I ski, hike, play tennis, as well as cook and work in the garden.  Boredom is not usually an issue. 

What your favorite attraction in Denver? 

The Botanic Gardens and the Art Museum 

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