Faces of Shift with DesiRae Kraft

Shift Corona is fortunate to have Intuitive Leadership Coach, DesiRae Kraft as a member.  We were delighted to sit down with DesiRae and learn about her business and her life.  

DesiRae helps female leaders and entrepreneurs up-level their lives and businesses by stepping into their feminine leadership and confidence, while turning on and tuning into their sensuality. She gives women the tools to be able to see that they can have it all — from financial success, to magnetic relationships with themselves and others!

Desi helps women transform their fears and limiting beliefs on an energetic and subconscious level to embody and manifest in their lives and business. Helping them reconnect with their intuition and higher selves beneath the stories and limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck and not moving forward.

She blends psychology, human behavior, traditional Chinese medicine, neuro programming, femininity, and aligned strategy so women are fully expressed with authentic expression, embodied confidence and power as they bring their deepest desires, from soul to physical form.

The women she serves are typically high-achievers that have been in hustle mode building their businesses. Some were in hustle mode before starting businesses and it’s the only way they know. These women are creating impact in their business and love what they do — but they have been achieving based on cultural norms and building this societal mask. They have avoided the deeper, inner parts of themselves to fall in love with who they are and their lives. Not because they don’t want to go there, but because they don’t know how.          

For years, DesiRae pushed down the real callings of her heart. As a child, her spiritual encounters were kept in secret. She says, “I have always been able to hear, see, feel, sense and know things that others around were unaware of. As I got older, I pushed my gifts down and did all the things society wanted me to do.” 

Desi built a 14-year career in finance, went to college and felt stuck and still unheard or unseen in the world. She was pretty happy but saw the same patterns in her life repeating.  She says, “After my parent’s tragic motorcycle accident in 2012, I told myself I could continue to live a life where I felt disempowered, unseen, and unfulfilled or could rise to the occasion of life. Through my pain, I was able to listen to my inner knowing, transformed my life, and started my own business to become the bad-ass revolutionary leader I knew I was born to be!”  She became a certified transformational coach and combined her 15 years of experience and education in psychology & holistic health with eastern medicine modalities such as energy work, breath work, meditation, and more.

When asked why she chose Shift Corona as a home for her business, “Shift Corona is in our neighborhood, close to our home so I can walk, and parking is also available for free on the street. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, especially as a solo entrepreneur. Shift allows me to create friendships and feel like I have a community around my business and my office as opposed to being at home, or at other coworking areas and not building connections. It also allows me to keep business at the office and bring it out of my home to create a separation between home and business.” 

DesiRae advises people to get out of their own way and get into the FLOW.  CLEAR your blocks instead of talking about them. Embody who you are born to be, so you can manifest your life.  Kick your ass with love, vulnerability, and transformation.  Go DEEP so you can EMBODY your higher self, connect with your intuition and take control of your life – instead of you feeling like it’s controlling you.

DesiRae is inspired when she hears her clients say she has transformed their lives and business and pulled their souls out of them, so they can finally live life on their terms — not the societal norms they’ve been living most of their lives.

When it comes to juggling the balance between work and play, “I make time for myself daily by creating routine and habits that fuel and nourish me. I know when to slay, and when to step into my feminine flow to create more play, flow, and joy in my life. I plan it out.” 

DesiRae loves to share advice with young entrepreneurs.  “Do it scared and if you trust yourself and intuition, you’ll always be down the right path. Try not to listen to your ego and the self-doubt from yourself or others.”  She adds, “you are doing something most will not, therefore you are going to ruffle some feathers and people will judge you for it — because they know they don’t have it in themselves. Get messy, let go of controlling things but take empowered action.” 

Also, she stresses the importance of having a financial plan, “having a chunk of money in savings or investments to back you up while you’re building can make the difference”. 

Last, it’s OK to have a job or part-time job while you’re building. Most entrepreneurs starting out do — most will not talk about it — until they finally see more money and profit. 

On where she sees herself and her business in five years, “I live an amazing life that I have created for myself. Most find that hard to believe but I have created my soul-aligned life. I can do what I do because I have done it myself and have the background, experience and education to help create that for other women. Now it’s creating more financial abundance. In 5 years, I plan on still doing what I am doing, but have coaches I will train under me, a thriving and well-run business, making $1 million a year, fully supporting my mother, traveling whenever I want, doing philanthropy work, and having an empire running program and seminars throughout the year!”

Desi offers 1-on-1 coaching as well as 12-week Group Mastermind Classes! To learn more or to sign up, please visit her website at http://desiraekraft.com/.  Connect with DesiRae on Instagram and Facebook.   



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