Faces of Shift with X Games

Tell us, what is X Games?! When and where are the next Games? 

Since its inception in 1995, X Games has evolved from The Extreme Games in Providence, Rhode Island, into the leading action sports competition and lifestyle brand, spotlighting the world’s best action sports athletes at the summer and winter versions of the X Games against the backdrop of each individual host city. An international stage for progression, fans around the globe have witnessed countless memorable moments in the history of action sports at X Games events. 

The next X Games event will take place in Aspen Snowmass, Colorado from January 26 – 28, 2024.  Tickets are available for purchase on XGames.com 

We can imagine it takes a lot to prepare for an event, can you share with us what that looks like each go around? 

An incredible amount of planning goes into each event, beginning years before the event takes place. It would be difficult to sum up all the preparation in a nutshell as each event is unique and distinct. The X Games team is made up of the world’s best event creators, content creators and strategic minds who work closely with host cities, local organizing committees and resort partners to create large-scale events around the world.  

What differentiates you from any other outdoor brands?  

For nearly 30 years, X Games has been the premier action sports competition in the world. X Games has long celebrated the progression of youth and action sports culture through its events and content and continue to do so to this day. The “Olympics of action sports”, X Games is well-known for creating stars like Shaun White, Travis Pastrana and Tony Hawk.  

What about your business and/or industry inspires you?  

X Games has been inspiring millions of fans who have watched thousands of athletes for the past 29 years to go bigger, try harder, and never give up on their dream. We are inspired daily by the endurance of the athletes and the passion of the fans. 

What are X Games core values or company mission? How does either one affect how your company caters to the community? 

X Games strives to put athletes and fans first by uniting, elevating, and growing action sports communities around the world. From the diversity of our fans and athletes, to the commitment of being socially and environmentally responsible, X Games is driven by creativity and innovation, and embraces the unique characteristics of us all. This can be seen firsthand when athletes cheer on other athletes and celebrate each other’s victories together. 

What is your long-term company vision or goals? 

Our goal is to bring X Games to more people, where they live and ride. Anyone can tune in to watch our events from the comfort of their home, but to see it LIVE and witness these athletes going as high as they do, or trying that trick one more time to stick that landing, is an unforgettable moment of time that truly inspires greatness in us all. 

Can you share with us what is the most rewarding part of executing and attending the Games? 

There are so many to list! From the camaraderie of the athletes, to the look in the eyes of the fans as they sit on the edge of their seat watching athletes hurl themselves through the air, to the young and old fans getting to meet their hero in the fan fest, attending X Games is like no other sport event or festival out there.  

What drew you to Shift Bannock to be your company home in Denver? 

The cool, modern vibe of Shift Bannock was the biggest factor when X Games was looking for a Denver office space. Our team is growing and the space offers us flexibility to size up as we staff up. 

How has joining Shift Workspaces contributed to your growth and success?  

X Games encourages a remote working environment for our employees, with staff working around the country to bring X Games events and content to life. Having a common work space with such a chill vibe, where the team can get together and brainstorm new ideas, has provided us with the perfect atmosphere to be creative as we develop a strong vision for the future of our brand. 

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