Faces of Shift with Deezer

Music is important to the Shift community. Classical tunes echo through the speakers, members dish about their next Red Rocks show and companies even base their livelihoods around it. One company that lives and breathes music is the personalized streaming service, Deezer. Led by Deborah Jourdan, the Denver team is a collection of ten strong individuals that help the Paris-based company thrive in the competitive landscape of streaming music.

Deborah and team, could you tell us how Deezer works? What are its differentiators from other streaming services?

Deezer a music streaming service and that aims to create the most personalized music experience for our customers and our partners.  For customers, we do that by using elements of man and machine to play the best new and old music tailored for each individual. For our partners, that means customizing our offering to their audience. With Sonos, a speaker and home systems company, we give their customers access to lossless audio. For Cricket Wireless, a wireless service provider, we provide users a great value at $6/month.

Where and how was Deezer created?

Deezer was founded in 2007 by 23-year-old French programmer, Daniel Marhely. He wanted to find a way to simplify music streaming for his friends, so started the project from his bedroom. He quickly realized the value of such a product, so gathered a small team to build the product. Once music labels and investors caught on, Deezer took off and is now one of the largest music catalogs in the world.

What keeps you going in the day to day? 

We are inspired by the creative minds in the music industry, and a fast-moving product that we all use daily. The unique combination of tech startup meets funky music label keeps us excited and busy every day!

Any exciting news or trips up next for Deezer? 

Our team is constantly traveling, with trips to Los Angeles, Atlanta, Paris, and Miami on the books over the next few months.

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