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The new Shift Bannock location is now open. And with this expansion comes a larger network of professionals who continue to impress us. Velvet Media is one of these companies. With locations in Venice, Tokyo and Denver, their multicultural presence across social media marketing platforms is refreshing and nuanced. We were able to sit down with the founder, Daniele Gatti, and learn about what makes them stand out against the rest.

The digital marketing world continues to grow with agencies and consultants alike. What differentiates your company from your competitors? 

We are a digital company that focuses on Social Media & Communication.What makes us different is our laser-focus on the business instruments that the Social Media revolution is providing. We believe that we are in a new era for marketing and we have the experience and tools to help businesses capitalize on the new opportunities presented by the Social Media environment. Velvet Media works side by side with businesses and people that want to amplify or create awareness around their brand, get more sales, more conversions, more traffic, more engagement. We also give support online and offline and help our customers to position themselves in their respective markets, delivering outstanding results in terms of lead generation, visibility and content engagement.

Over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience derived by literally thousands of projects, always with one single objective in mind: help our customers to grow, increase their turnover, create long-term partnerships based on concrete and measurable results. We are a diverse and experienced team of professionals and technicians. And lastly, we are very proud of our Italian roots and flair and of being part of the Denver community at the same time.

What brought you to Denver? How did you get into your current role?

Well we first started in Italy, which is where I am from. We have been in the market for over 10 years now. We started in the couponing and, almost overnight, we achieved a turnover of over 10 million dollars. It could have gone to our heads! Instead, we then expanded into publishing and editorial content development and now we have fully entered the Digital and Social Media Management industry. We decided to open in Denver for the growth potential, and my wife also wanted to be closer to family. So here we are.

Is there a motto you live by that’s helped you get where you are today?

“Turn clients into friends” and we all live by that.

Do you have any big moves or  growth expansions in the works? 

Our big move is happening as we speak, with the opening of our Denver office in the beautiful Shift Workspaces. For myself and Bassel (the General Manager and founder of Velvet Media Italy ndr) life is very much on the road, or better yet, in the skies – Venice, Milan, Denver, Tokyo and back, and then again! Our team, by the way, has grown fivefold in 4 years (oh, and we are still hiring! Shameless plug!) We have brought to Denver all the tools and instruments to replicate the success we have had in other markets. It has been a great team effort that had all of our teams around the world involved to make it a success.

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