Faces of Shift With KTM Restaurant Group

(Pictured left to right:  Steve Shoemaker, Tori Mateer & Kevin Morrison)

Earlier this year, Westword released its readers choice best of for Denver.  In the highly competitive category of Best Tacos; Tacos, Tequila, Whiskey came away number one.  Along with the 3 locations of Tacos, Tequilla, Whiskey, KTM Restaurant Group also operates a seafood restaurant with a simple name with big flavors, Fish N Beer.

Recently we sat down with Kevin Morrison, Steve Shoemaker, and Tori Mateer to learn more about their restaurants, menu inspirations and thoughts on the culinary delights served up at Shift Workspaces. 

KTM Restaurant Group has a dynamic palate; one of your restaurants is Tacos, Tequila, Whiskey and the other is Fish n’ Beer.  Where did the inspiration come from for these delicious creations?

(Kevin) Haha, that’s a great question. Originally TTW was called Pinche Tacos. We opened the food truck with the name Pinche Tacos, Pinche is slang for a Mexican profanity term. We operated the first brick & mortar for almost 2 years with that name, then the state liquor board learned the meaning and forced us to change the name. We always had Tacos Tequila Whiskey on the sign, so we went with that.  As for Fish N Beer, I like things simple and I felt it had a great flow.

When I sit down at a table at your restaurants and want the best drink and dish combo, what do you recommend?

(Kevin) When I dine at Tacos, Tequila, Whiskey I love to sip on a nice glass of mezcal, chips and queso, then a cup of posole and a carnitas taco.  At Fish N Beer I always get the grilled oysters with the house garlic butter and smelt fries, I love our grilled whole bass.  Bourbon, plenty of bourbons since I prefer that over beer.

(Steve) The Fish N Beer basket at FNB because it’s the best fish n chips in Denver! At TTW my favorite taco is the Taco Estilo Abril.  I love to order a Paloma at TTW but sub the tequila for Mezcal! At Fish N Beer, this is like an adult playground.  I love beer, so I can keep myself entertained every time I go in.  Right now, my go-to beer is the New Terrain Sun Trip!

(Tori) At TTW I like to start my meal off with fresh Guacamole & Chips, an order of the Fish N Beer taco as well as Pollo a la Crema. Washed down with a Fresh Serrano Marg. I love seafood but at Fish N Beer I would have to say the SNG Bologna sandwich is one of my favorites. Hickory smoked and grilled bologna with cheese and house slaw with fresh-cut fries on the side. So. Good. 

Do you have a secret menu? Do you have an item that’s often overlooked, but you think everyone should try?

(Kevin) We do not have a secret menu however it is something our regulars are asking for so it might be coming soon. Everyone should try the lengua taco, it’s awesome!  The beef tongue is a must-try for more adventurers’ eaters.   It is so rich; it tastes likes prime rib roast.

Your team already had an office downtown, why did you decide it was time to move to Shift?

(Kevin) With our restaurants being our number 1 focus we split a lot of our time in the restaurants. Shift is centrally located and the perfect size for our small team of 3!  It’s enough space to hold the important office items and gives us a sweet escape from the action and we especially enjoy spending time on the rooftop!

As Denver foodie experts, what culinary elements do you enjoy most about Shift?

(Kevin) We love that Shift Workspaces takes care of its members and provides goodies daily. The continuous happy hours and snacks are a great way for people to try new things. Crystal is amazing with her creations and they’re always delicious!


To stay up to date on specials and events at Tacos, Tequila, Whiskey, you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook and for events at Fish N Beer, follow on Instagram and Facebook.  

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