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What inspired you to start True Find Boutique? 

I have a true passion for fashion and style. I believe it is a form of self expression and enables confidence. After a few years of working in the luxury consignment industry, I recognized the growing need for sustainability and reusability in luxury goods. With True Find Boutique, I get to do my part in keeping these beautiful textiles out of landfills, along with offering attainable prices for these high end and luxury goods! As a personal stylist, and consignment boutique owner, my ultimate goal is to empower individuals to feel confident and authentic through their personal style.  

What differentiates you from other luxury consignment shops? 

Something we’ve never seen done before in the Consignment Industry; We are combining concierge-style personal shopping in a refined luxury shopping environment similar to that of a new high-end retail boutique, while providing accessible prices.  

What about the fashion industry inspires you? 

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving realm of the fashion industry, there are countless elements and influences that inspire me. From the impeccable craftsmanship of renowned designers to the innovative use of colors and textures, I am fascinated by the creativity and artistry that fashion possesses. I value how fashion, combined with personal styling, has the ability to express one’s identity, break boundaries, and celebrate diversity. Fashion inspires me to constantly explore new ideas and push the boundaries of my own creativity. The fashion industry is an endless wellspring of inspiration, and I am humbled and motivated by the endless possibilities it offers. 

What are True Find Boutique’s core values or company mission? How does either one affect how your company caters to clients? 

Our Core Value is to provide personal customer service, catering to each individual’s needs and comfort.  

Our Mission is to create a refined luxury shopping environment combining personalized styling with sustainable fashion. Enabling our customer to shop luxury brands and high-end labels at affordable prices while extending the life of gently used clothing and accessories. 

We cater to our clients with this core value and mission in mind. Whether it’s finding that one special piece that brings a smile to their face, or a complete closet edit, that inspires their unique personality and lifestyle.  

What is your long-term company vision or goals? 

 True Find’s Vision, which includes our Mission,  is to revolutionize the luxury shopping industry by creating an elegant and refined shopping environment that seamlessly combines personalized styling with sustainable fashion. We aspire to be the go-to destination for customers who seek to shop luxury brands and high-end labels at affordable prices while conscientiously extending the life cycle of their gently used clothing and accessories. 

 Through our meticulously curated collections and exceptional customer service, we aim to transform the perception of pre-owned fashion, making it a mainstream choice for individuals who value quality, style, and sustainability. By fostering a sense of community and empowerment, we strive to inspire individuals to embrace a more conscious and responsible approach to fashion consumption. 

 In the pursuit of our vision, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical sourcing, ensuring that every product we offer meets our rigorous criteria for authenticity, condition, and craftsmanship. We aim to set an industry benchmark for transparency and accountability, building trust among our customers and partners. 

As we forge ahead, we remain committed to constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing demands and expectations of our customers. Together, we will navigate the future of fashion, driven by our shared passion for refined luxury, sustainable practices, and a deep respect for our planet. 

What drew you to Shift to be your storefront home? 

Shift felt like a great place to begin this venture due to Shift’s similar mission and core values with concierge inspired services, comfortable, luxurious design, and unmatched amenities. Shift reflects True Find’s values and design principles. They inspire community and offer a luxury environment to facilitate events. 

How has joining Shift Workspaces Littleton contributed to your growth and success?  

Joining Shift has enabled me to open True Find Boutique as a new business! Shift provides networking events with other members, inspiring business growth and success. The staff at Shift are always polite and attainable with concierge style service that aligns with True Find Boutique. Additionally, It is a beautiful location to create photoshoots and Reels that gain attention on social media platforms. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of business?  

I enjoy shopping (of course!), traveling, photography, and exploring! I love meeting new people, trying new experiences, and re-energizing with a good book and perfect cup of espresso! 


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