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Faces of Shift with MIQ

Who is MIQ?

MIQ an independent marketing intelligence company with the people and technology that help businesses win. In short, we help agencies and brands with media, analytics and technology.

What is marketing intelligence?

Marketing Intelligence extracts insights from a brand’s data assets to fuel business strategy, rather than just being a vehicle to execute upon. It connects marketing to business outcomes. Ultimately, Marketing Intelligence allows for smart, data-driven decisions to be made in real time, maximizing marketing and media investments and lifting KPIs.

What drew you to Shift to be the home base for your creative company?

As a small and growing local team, we were looking for a place that matched our culture and fun but also hard-working attitude. Shift has been beyond wonderful with accommodating our growing team, constant visitors, and of course the daily food treats are amazing!

How do you keep your team motivated?

Studies show that people produce the best work when they love where they work and most importantly WHO they work with. We hire smart and fun people that not only want to make our customers happy, but have fun doing it!

Is there any exciting news or projects happening within your company?

We just launched our new brand (logo, name and mission) this week! We are also not new to the online advertising ecosystem but new to the western region, so everything is exciting right now!

How do you see the company expanding in the next 5 years?

More people, more revenue, more partners, more customers, more offices, more technology… you name it, we’re growing!

To learn more about this exciting and growing marketing intelligence company; visit their website at or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Faces of Shift with Natasha Felton Colorado Commercial Companies

I started my commercial real estate career at Cushman and Wakefield and built an affinity for solving operational problems with creative real estate solutions. Every company’s top two expenses are their human capital costs and their facility costs. Creative management of how a company houses its staff and operations can add to NOI, while also enhancing recruiting and retention of the intellectual capital that fortifies the business.

My firm is Colorado Commercial Companies (C3). We specialize in helping users, owners and investors to infiltrate the difficult to penetrate commercial real estate market. I have handled office, industrial and land transactions for buyers, tenants, sellers and Landlords for over twenty years. My favorite part of the business is solving the puzzle of each unique deal. I work with two awesome professional partners, Ashley Weiler and Jonathan Ungar.

Where are you from originally? Do you enjoy living in Denver?

I am a Colorado native, born and raised in Boulder. I spent five years based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and as I was heading into my sixth winter, I decided I needed to get back to some Colorado sunshine. The rest, as they say is history. There is no better place to live than Colorado! In my off time I bike and hike, garden and cook.

Who are a few of your women role models and why?

There are so many feisty, capable female role models in Colorado and nationally. Locally, I have been lucky to be mentored by Colorado standouts including Barb Grogan, LaRae Orullian and Kathy Hodgson. Each of these women established respected, lucrative careers in traditionally male dominated industries. Each built diverse, far flung professional networks that create tremendous value for their clients/constituents.

The ability to bring people together and create unique solutions is fun and it helps differentiate service providers from one another.

What drew you to Shift and how has being here helped reach your career goals?

Shift was a decision that was a long time coming. As a relatively small firm, we wanted a work environment that added a more social component to our business than traditional office space would. We also wanted a platform that could result in increased referral business.

C3 is a small firm. I like to say we are like ants…we lift many times our weight in business annually, but we do it with a small tightly knit staff that believes in work/life balance, prosperity, excellence and fun. We came to Shift to integrate into a larger professional community and have fun working!

As a woman in the work force, what are some challenges and obstacles that you have faced and overcome?

Commercial real estate is a business of extreme competition. There are times when the competition moves from the field to street fighting. I have built a career of choosing ethics over return and it has positioned C3 as one of the top boutique firms in Denver for the last 15 years. Our clients know that we are focused on their goals and the long-term relationship—not our commission.

As a woman in the workplace I have found many challenges, but most of them have been navigable. My industry requires information exchange and flow. My networking is non-traditional. The men in my business do not often reach out to ask me to join a foursome, but I can get the same information in less time with breakfasts and lunches. As in all things, you work from your strength. My career has allowed me to work with many of the top brokers in Colorado. Those historic deals have built a network that I can rely on for information, support and resources.

What advice would you give to women entering the work force?

Do something you love. Making this fundamental choice early on will allow you to take joy in long hours and the challenges that accompany the creation of career. Be willing to sacrifice for what you want to achieve. There are choices every executive needs to make related to work/life balance. Be honest with yourself. Have fun. Work with good people. Build solid teams.

Faces of Shift with Carina Burger of Small Batch Consulting

Where are you from originally? Do you enjoy living in Denver?

Originally born in Moscow, Russia, I moved to Denver at 10 years old. I am the biggest Denver fan girl you will ever meet…I love it here. It’s a fresh city that has a lot of growing to do and I’m excited to be apart of its evolution.

Who are a few of your women role models and why?

All of the women in my life are spectacularly balanced. My mom, a top executive at EY, has never made work an excuse for not taking care of herself. She’s always well rested, beautifully dressed and on her game – that’s my ultimate aspiration.

What drew you to Shift and how has being here helped reach your career goals?

My company was just under a year old when I splurged for an office at Shift. It was easily the best thing for my career because at that point, I was “all in”. In the 6 months I’ve worked at Shift, my productivity has massively increased. Coming to an office base is one thing, but the Shift community really makes you want to stay. Simply being surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs makes you realize that you’re not alone in the struggle and that it doesn’t have to be a struggle at all.

As women in the work force, what are some challenges and obstacles that you have faced and over come?

Out of college I felt the obstacle of being young and inexperienced as grounds for not being taken seriously. Once I got some experience and found my niche, being a young woman no longer felt like an obstacle. It’s all about what comes out of your mouth and what you can show for. There’s nothing more powerful than a well-dressed woman with a sharp tongue – at least that’s what I’ve been told.

What advice would you give to women entering the work force?

Keep your head down, do amazing work, and the rest will take care of itself.

About Small Batch Consulting, LLC: We are food science & engineering consultants in the natural food & beverage industry…and we love a challenge.  

Why “Small Batch” you ask? Our focus is startup companies. With our large network of ingredient suppliers, contract manufacturers and industry specialists, together we can help take you from conceptualization to commercialization.

4 Reasons Why You Should Have In-Person Meetings

Technology has disrupted the way we work, giving workers the opportunity to work from wherever they want, whenever they want. This has led to an increase in remote teams, powering the adoption of collaboration tools and platforms like Slack, Asana, Google Drive, and videoconferencing.

And while this makes it easy to stay in touch with everyone 24/7, one should not fall into the trap of relying 100% on technology to carry out all business communication. We are, after all, social beings, and we thrive and learn from social interaction.

Communicating with someone face-to-face has several benefits, as you are able to understand not only what a person is saying, but also how they are behaving, moving, and acting. Our body language, at times, can speak louder than words, and this can help professionals in getting to know better their audience, who they are working with, and how they communicate best.

4 benefits of face-to-face meetings

1. You engage in in-depth conversations

Emails, text messages, and voice notes are typically sweet, short, and straight to the point. While this is perfect on a day to day basis as time flies by, it doesn’t allow us to truly get to know the person we are interacting with.

In-person meetings often lead to more robust, in-depth conversations, where new ideas come up, new bonding points are found, and you are able to get a better understanding of what a person wants or is looking for.

2. You can better read a person

Like mentioned above, body language can speak louder than words, and when it comes to making a strong first impression or creating a lasting relationship, one’s facial expressions, hand-grip, and posture can determine the tone and nature of the relationship.

Additionally, by observing the person you interact with and their reaction to your words, you are better able to get an idea of their personality, which can enhance your future communications and help you pinpoint the best way to ‘get to them’.

3. You can get a full picture

Our environment also says a lot about who we are as individuals. Meeting someone in their work environment and professional setting can give you a better idea of how they like to work, how they carry out tasks, their thinking-process, and their decision-making process. All of this provides valuable insights to further and strengthen a business relationship. A face-to-face meeting paints a fuller picture of a person and their personality.

4. The value of off-track conversations

When you interact with someone in-person, there is an increased possibility of getting off-track, of associating words with random concepts, ideas, or experiences. This means that you have the opportunity to get to know someone beyond their business persona; the work and life line has been blurred by technology, and getting a glimpse of an individual’s personal life can provide you with valuable insights about them, which in turn can help you enhance your communications strategy and create a stronger bond with them.

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter, and these things often come out when you meet someone in-person, when you disconnect a little bit, and give your full attention to what is going on at the moment.

While technology can help us be more efficient and productive on a day-to-day basis, sometimes we do need to take the time to go see someone and engage in meaningful conversations.

Faces of Shift with Global Prairie

Pictured left to right:  Paige Nobles, Erin Bunyard, Megan Monsees, Lori Boccato. Not pictured Lauren Johnson.

Pictured left to right: Paige Nobles, Erin Bunyard, Megan Monsees, Lori Boccato. Not pictured Lauren Johnson.

Where is everyone from originally? Do you enjoy living in Denver?

We hail from all over the country: Kansas, Oklahoma, California, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania. We all LOVE living in Denver… it’s the perfect springboard for our personal and professional goals.

Who are a few of your women role models and why?

We’ve all been deeply inspired by our mothers – while very different in terms of their backgrounds, personalities, professional roles, and more – they each raised us to be strong, confident, compassionate women. Our founder Anne St. Peter is another role model we share: she left the corporate world ten years ago to open a firm that would not only use marketing as a force for good but be an extremely supportive place for working women. Her vision and passion are inspiring. Finally – being in the communications space, we have particular affinity for women who lead with a powerful, persuasive voice – Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey are two women whose speeches leave us in awe.

What drew you to Shift and how has being here helped reach your career goals?

Of course, the space itself was important to us – but the real point of attraction was the wonderfully warm, supportive culture that we found in Beth, Miranda and Ryan. It’s rare for a co-working space to place so much emphasis on human connection and ensuring our daily comfort. We’re so happy here.

As women in the work force, what are some challenges and obstacles that you have faced and over come?

Early in our careers each of us experienced, to varying degrees, a competitiveness from other women that saw our success as a threat to their own. It stemmed from a culture where fewer women made it to leadership levels across the board, and so some developed a “it’s either me or her” mentality. At Global Prairie we are extremely intentional about using our power as women to bring one another up – to ensure that one person’s success is also our collective success. We know it’s not an either/or proposition and we’re grateful that the tides have largely turned on this issue.

What advice would you give to women entering the work force?

Find – and use – your voice! This is the biggest differentiator between how men and women behave in the workplace that holds women back. It’s critical that you learn how to be your own advocate and how to share your ideas confidently and unapologetically. Some women get stuck in the idea that speaking up with a different point of view, or asking for what they need, is somehow ‘impolite’. We’re all living proof that it’s possible to be polite AND to contribute substantially with your unique point of view.

About Global Prairie

Global Prairie is a purpose-driven marketing firm, founded on the belief that marketing should be a force for good. Since day one, we’ve been crafting business-building solutions that help our clients drive social impact. Global Prairie has nine offices around the world, seven in the United States – including Denver! – and two in Europe. We’re proud to be a privately held, woman-owned company celebrating our 10th anniversary this year.

Why Millennials and Entrepreneurs Are Rushing To Denver

Data from Metro Denver shows that “the Millennial population is Metro Denver’s largest generational group,” representing 24% of the metro’s population.  Additionally, “among the 25 ‘large’ states in the United States, the state of Colorado ranked 5 in Startup Activity,” in the Kauffman Index. More specifically, a report from the Kauffman Foundation found that Colorado has the highest rate of young entrepreneurs in the US, where they can find educated workers, access to capital, and mentors.

Living cost, compared to other startup scenes in the US, is also one of the reasons why Millennials are starting their own businesses in the Denver Metro. But there’s more than that. The government provides various incentives that make it easier and cheaper to start a business and make it successful. Plus, Metro Denver lists at least 18 different Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms that provide funding and resources to entrepreneurs.

While all these aspects are attractive for individuals in the first place, it takes more than this to make people stay. In an interview with Colorado Public Radio, Kelly Brough, CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, said that one of the reasons why Denver is so popular among Millennial entrepreneurs is because Denver is “one of the few regions in the country, maybe in the world, who have figured out the distinction between when you compete and when you collaborate.”

This collaborative spirit can be seen in the amount of conferences, forums, events, and resources that the Denver community offers. For example, The Denver Office of Economic Development has 3 programs that can help startups get on their feet, including The Denver Enterprise Zone, The Business Investment Program, and The Business Incentive Fund. Plus, there’s Denver Startup Week and other events that are organized and hosted by the highly active Denver Startup Community.

Fact is, collaboration is key to the development and success of any community, and Denver seems to have gotten this right. Doing business in Denver, whether you’re an entrepreneur, early-stage startup, or medium sized business, means being collaborative.

Coworking spaces in Denver have also contributed to this collaborative movement. These spaces are the physical manifestation of collaboration; they nurture micro-communities that have a big impact on the surrounding community, and they also encourage people to interact with one another, which usually leads to sharing knowledge, insights, and connections.

With capital available, government incentives, comparable low living cost, access to office space that makes it easy to set up a business, and a collaborative spirit, the Denver Metro has positioned itself as a highly attractive place for Millennials and entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true. Here’s how Shift can help in this quest!

4 Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance

While technology has enabled us to work more effectively from anywhere and at any time, it has also made work-life balance more difficult to achieve. Technology, combined with remote work policies and flexible schedules has created what some describe as “always being at work”.

With our emails and work apps on our phones, as well as 24/7 access to internet or buildings, what’s going to stop us from working at 3a.m.?

The only possible answer here is: yourself. Work-life balance is key to perform your best both at a personal and professional level; it will also prevent you from burning out and experiencing increased stress levels.

Yet, with all the stimuli around you encouraging you to work all the time, how do you achieve, and more importantly maintain, work-life balance?

Learn the art of prioritizing

Though there are times where you might feel you’re on top of the world and can achieve everything, truth is we are only human. Learn to prioritize activities and tasks–depending on your abilities, deadlines, and other compromises, establish realistically what you can achieve in one day, one week, one month, and one year. Though you might be tempted to get everything done in a short-period of time, doing so will lead to quick burnout and stress.

Organize tasks, set yourself realistic goals and deadlines, and work accordingly.  

Set boundaries

Like prioritizing tasks, it’s important you set boundaries when it comes to work-life and home-life. While it’s OK to bring home some work every now and then, you must also set boundaries to refrain yourself (and others) from overstepping certain tacit lines. These boundaries might be as simple as not checking your email from 9pm to 6am, not working while eating lunch (or breakfast for that matter), or the like.

While these are small actions, they will go a long way. You need to set and respect your own boundaries, or you will find people will constantly reach out to you, regardless of the time or day.

Learn to unplug

If you’re going on vacation, unplug. If it’s the weekend and there’s no need for you to check up on work things, unplug. We all need a break every now and then, we all need to recharge our energies and relax our minds. Trust us, you will feel much better for it. We all sometimes need to power off to refresh and perform our best…think of this as an analogy of the “have you turned it off and on again?” of your WIFI router or computer. There’s a reason powering off our devices does the trick. Your body and mind sometimes also need this, so don’t feel bad about unplugging fully occasionally.

Take care of your body

This doesn’t mean you have to sign up to a gym or a yoga class. Taking care of your body means listening to it and what it’s asking for; this could be rest, movement, food, water, or even sunlight. Make sure you eat breakfast, that you’re moving, that you’re not slouching while at work, that you’re keeping hydrated, etc.

Listen to your body and fuel it accordingly.

In the end, work-life balance is about balance itself and about finding that balance on your own terms.

3 Ways to Get Moving at Work

It’s 6am. Your alarm goes off and you roll over to hit snooze. You take those extra five minutes to mentally prepare opening your eyes for the day. It’s 6:05 and you finally arise, feet hit the ground and you walk to the sink to brush your teeth. If you’re like me and work in an office, this may be some of the only moments that you get on your feet. Sure, you walk to the car, walk into work, walk to get coffee and may even dabble in an hour of exercise that day. But is that enough?

A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic has proven that remaining sedentary for long periods of time increases your risk of metabolic syndrome. This results in increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels. But you work out right? You take a break and go on a run or you start off your day with a spinning class. Unfortunately, research shows that—while this may help mitigate risk—it doesn’t particularly curtail the effects of elongated sitting.

So what can you do to combat these risks? Constant, steady movement throughout the day is key. And unfortunately this may be the only solution. While we understand that this can seem unattainable with the work life so many of us are consumed by, there are several small changes you can make to largely benefit your health & wellness.

  • Improvise your desk situation. If all you have is a desk, then why not add a lift to your computer so that it can meet you at eye -level while standing? Don’t want to spend money on a mount? Grab stacks of unused computer paper and set your laptop on top of that homemade computer stand.
  • Use an ergonomic desk. Don’t have enough paper lying around to create a mount? Go ergonomic. The offices at Shift are stacked with ergonomic desks, and most of them are automatic. This forces you to stand all day, and you can bust out some dance moves, too.
  • Eat lunch standing up. Shift’s community kitchen is a great place to take a lunch. Grab your leftovers and head over to the tall barstools. Kick those bad boys out of the way and enjoy. Hey, chances are you’ll take part in stimulating conversation with a fellow member. Get your blood flowing and network, all the while retaining sustenance.

It’s proven that moving and standing pushes your body to trigger natural processes that break down sugars and fats. You’ll also increase your energy levels, jumpstarting your productivity at work. See, it’s a win-win.

5 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work


Ah, the new year. “New you.” We’re finally weeding through the abundance of health, fitness and mental strength articles on our social feeds. We’re bookmarking at-home workouts, pinning healthy recipes and sharing them amongst friends. Getting back into the swing of things, they say. The new year marks an opportunity for a clean slate, blank pages waiting to be filled with the idea that we can begin again. So why not begin caring about your health again?

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Three Advantages of Opting to Cowork

Coworking spots are now ubiquitous in many cities across the globe and the Global Workspace Alliance believes that trend will continue to grow. Due in part to the rise of the internet and to different preferences of the aging Millennial generation, coworking spaces have become a top choice for today’s worker.

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