Faces of Shift with Michele Lowell, Client Development Manager at C.A. Fortune

Operating two shared workspace locations is like having two kids: it may be twice the responsibility, but it’s double the love. With the opening of Shift Bannock, we have met some phenomenal human beings who encompass an uncanny amount of drive and dedication. One of these humans is Michele Lowell. Michele works long hours and has this super power where she’s always smiling, no matter the circumstances. Maybe having her adorable Bernese Mountain Dog, Cuba (pronounced Koo-Bah), by her side has something to do with it. We’re very happy that Shift is dog friendly so we can see that beautiful ball of fur.

We met with Michele, the Client Development Manager of C.A. Fortune’s Rocky Mountain Region, to learn more about the established product sales company that calls Shift home.

Hi, Michele! Thanks for meeting with me. :) The Shift team office is right next to the C.A. Fortune office, so I can’t help but notice all of your delicious looking products on display. Can you tell us a little more about what C.A. Fortune does and who some of your clients are?

CA Fortune is a national full-service consumer products sales and marketing agency specializing in the Natural, Specialty/Conventional and Bakery/Deli trade channels. We represent passionate manufacturers and help grow their brands. Our clients range from established lines such as Pirates Booty, Pomi and Martinelli’s to smaller start up brands like Boulder Cookie, Buckley Pet and Two Leaves and a Bud Tea.

Very cool. Have you always been involved in the natural foods industry? If not, how’d you get into it?

I was born in Costa Rica but raised in Aspen, CO. I graduated from CU Boulder in 2009 with a double major in Anthropology and Spanish Literature. I live a very active, healthy lifestyle and have always had a passion for natural foods. A few close friends of mine, Maddy and Alex Hasulak, started a company called Love Grown Foods. I spoke to Maddy at length regarding the industry and it seemed to be a perfect fit. CA Fortune was looking to hire a sales rep in Colorado and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

It sounds like you find a lot of inspiration in this industry and bringing the right products to the right people. What, in particular, inspires you about your job?

Our industry, especially living in Colorado, is full of passionate, motivated entrepreneurs. What inspires me is their fortitude and commitment to what they believe in. Being a part of their success is what motivates me.

And I hope Shift has been a positive and motivational catalyst for you, both personally and professionally! How have you and your team been liking the new private office digs?

We started working out of the Shift Bannock location this past January. We toured several other workspaces in Denver and felt the most at home with Shift. You guys created a space that makes you want to come to work, which I love! The environment and collaboration are my favorite parts about Shift.

Well we’re glad to have you! We definitely appreciate the energy that you and your team bring to the community. Any upcoming plans for you this year?

I’m really looking forward to a ski trip we’ve planned this March, in gorgeous Whistler, B.C.! We’ll be celebrating my 30th birthday. Though my husband and I have been staying busy since the new year. We visited my mom in Costa Rica in January, and taken trips to Aspen, Taos, Telluride, Jackson, and Yellowstone Club since. Still on the calendar this spring… Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Find out more about C.A. Fortune on their website or on Facebook.

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