Business Opportunities Expand at Shift

Like some of the best things in life, it all started in the kitchen. A momentary glance at the screen of a stranger sparked up a conversation that would be the start of an in-house partnership, something that isn’t uncommon at Shift.

“Are you working on web design,” asked Blake from Third Principle, curious.

“Yea, I’m just trying to research some new ideas for our website, I’d like to put a pitch together to redo it,” said Ryan, Shift’s art director.

“Well, that’s what we do, we do websites,” said Blake.

This conversation led to a serious business relationship.The partnership grew organically and the close proximity made it easier than ever to brainstorm and execute the site. Instead of sending an email each time there was a question to be answered or brainstorm to be done, they’d walk up or down a flight of stairs and have the conversation face-to-face. The end result was a much improved website completed in just over two weeks, a timeframe practically unheard of for a complete website rebuild.

Before moving their operations to Shift, Jeff said Third Principle was based at Battery 621, another shared workspace primarily aimed at companies relating to the outdoor industry. Jeff said he liked the space and was friendly with the other members, but didn’t feel a sense of workplace synergy like he had encountered at Shift.

Other unanticipated, in-house projects have sprung up since moving to Shift. Third Principle helped George, owner of Fit Town Training, to rebuild his brand. They’ve partnered with Steven of Art Guitar to brand the customizable guitar printing start-up.

“If you’re a small marketing company like we are, this is the place to be,” said Jeff.

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