The 7 Best Podcast You Should be Listening To

Podcasts have become one of the most preferred storytelling mediums and thanks to platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Castbox, and Podbean it’s now easier than ever to find compelling, engaging, educational, and motivational podcasts. No matter what your main interests are, there’s bound to be a podcast for you.

However, amid the growing popularity of podcasts, it can be difficult to find the ones that are worth listening to. The more options, the harder it is to choose, much like what happens with books, movies, and series.

But worry not, Shift Workspaces has you covered with our favorites!

1. Cheddar’s Need2Know

This one is great if you like to stay on top of the news and know what relevant things are happening. Hosted by Carlo Versano and Jill Wagner, this podcast episodes last less than 10 minutes and delivers a quick run-through of things and news from the day before. Topics covered include politics, pop culture, entertainment, and more.

2. Full Disclosure with James O’Brien

This 50-minute podcast hosted by James O’Brien is perfect for long commutes or to listen to while cooking or doing house chores. New episodes are released every Monday. For the podcast, O’Brien does in-depth interviews with renowned individuals from politics, entertainment, news, and more.

3. 99% Invisible

If you’re into architecture and design, this is the podcast for you. This podcast, with new episodes every Wednesday, tells the stories behind great design and architecture. The podcast is hosted by Roman Mars and it covers everything from houses, cul-de-sacs, buildings, to urban design.

4. Caliphate

This is an in-depth podcast series that addresses the origins and machinery of Isis. Hosted by New York Time foreign correspondent Rukmini Callimachi, this podcast unmasks Isis and picks apart how Isis is funded and how it has systematized rape and abduction into its operation.

5. The Dropout

Hosted by Rebecca Jarvis, this podcast chronicles the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes. The podcast is the product of a three-year investigation carried out by ABC News and it features exclusive interviews with former employees, investigators, and patients.

6. Over My Dead Body

Hosted by Matthew Shaer, Over My Dead Body is a true-crime thriller that tells the story of Dan and Wendi, two attorneys that marry and have kids. However, six years into the marriage they go through a rough patch that leaves one of them dead.

7. Safe for Work

Hosted by Liz Dolan and Rico Gagliano, this podcast is all about surviving work. They cover topics like work-life balance, how to make the open plan office work for you, burnout, dealing with stress, and more.

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