Can Meditating make You more Productive at Work?

In recent months, wellness has taken the center stage in conversations about the work and the workplace. This has come as a result of people and companies realizing that a person’s wellbeing can have a great impact in their professional lives. Simply stated, to perform our best, we need to feel our best, both physically and mentally.

There are various ways in which our lifestyle can improve our professional lives. One particular practice that has caught the attention of various professionals is meditation. According to the American Psychological Association, meditation helps reduce rumination, reduce stress, boost our memory, help us focus, increase our cognitive flexibility, and decrease our emotional reactivity.

Meditation can help people deal with different types of situations and scenarios. Moreover, because meditation reduces our stress levels and increases our ability to concentrate, it can help us be more productive and efficient with our energy and attention as people who meditate are less likely to get distracted or flustered by complicated situations. Increased clarity is also beneficial as it can help us when it comes to decision-making.

The benefits go beyond those experienced by our own selves; if we are calm, focused, and feeling overall well, it translates into our actions and interactions with others. Meditating can also help us be more productive simply by improving our communication skills. If our mind is clutter free, so will our actions and messages; which can lead to less confusion and can help people and teams accomplish goals.

Another key way in which meditation can help us be more productive is simply by teaching us how to listen to and understand what our body is trying to tell us. This means that we will know what our body needs, and we will be more likely to understand why. This can translate into better physical and mental health, which in turn can reduce sick days and absenteeism.

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