The benefits of volunteering as entrepreneurs and where to do it in Denver


Entrepreneurs usually have their plates full. While some balance entrepreneurship with another job, others balance it with family, and others find themselves working 80+ hour weeks. Regardless of what stage of entrepreneurship you are in, the fact is that you are probably as busy as you can be.

And while it is tempting to go home and turn off after a day’s hard work, successful entrepreneurs know that to stay mentally fit they need to engage in activities that are non-work related. These activities range from hitting the gym and meditating, to reading and cooking, and even volunteering. Taking your mind off your most pressing matters often helps in getting a better, fresher view of things.

Volunteering can prove to be highly beneficial for entrepreneurs. Studies have found that volunteering helps relieve stress, improves health–and indirectly your job performance as you feel more energized and inspired–and can help you hone your professional skills.

There are ample ways to volunteer and give back to your community. You can do it by helping build a house, by participating in a food run or being a server, it can be by donating time to spend with children or the elderly, or it can be donating your skills and knowledge to help nonprofits thrive and increase their impact.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your time volunteering, what you need to focus on is a cause that you are passionate about, a cause that is close to your heart, and that will inspire you to be continually involved with it.

In Denver, there are various local, regional, and international organizations where you can volunteer. Take for example Amp the Cause, a Denver-based nonprofit that aims to improve the lives of families through entertainment, annual events, and community service projects. If you are starting a marketing business, you can easily volunteer your know-how to help these types of organizations market and promote their events and activities, which would lead to increased fundraising.

There is also A Precious Child, which provides children with access to basic needs to empower them to succeed in school, i.e.: clothing, shoes, sports equipment, supplies, backpacks, etc. Not only could you donate funds or things, A Precious Child also needs constant help with clerical work, sorting donations, data entry, and assistance with special events. If you’re particularly knowledgeable in allocating funds, managing finances, or with technology, then you should think about giving some of your time to these types of organizations.

There are plenty of more organizations that need some sort of help or another in Denver. You can check some of these out here.

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