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Shift Workspaces is Proud to Announce It’s a Certified B Corporation®


Last year, we announced that Shift Workspaces was pursuing a B-Corp Certification to further our commitment to be a socially and environmentally conscious company. In May of this year (2019), we officially became a Certified B CorporationÒ. We are proud to have completed the rigorous process and to be a part of a movement that uses business as a force to do good in our communities and the world.

Shift Workspaces received a B Impact Score of 86.5. The B Impact Score is measured by evaluating a company’s corporate mission, environmental footprint, supply chain, accountability, governance, transparency, and engagement as well as reviewing community initiatives like diversity, inclusion, civic engagement and local involvement.

Certified B Corporations are social enterprises that are certified by B Labs based on how they create value for stakeholders that don’t share ownership of the company, like employees, customers, the local community, vendors, and the environment.

Shift will focus on five main principles as a newly certified B Corp: customer, vendor and employee well-being; company volunteer hours; water conservation; electrical conservation; and maintaining our status as a carbon neutral company.

As I have stated previously, “B Corporations are important today more than ever because they are setting a new standard on how business should be done. It’s no longer about who can do, produce, or operate more, instead it’s about who can do, produce, and operate better. We believe that our efforts to become a Certified B Corporation demonstrate our commitment to our local community, our employees, the environment and our members and we hope that it inspires you to do the same.”

About the Author

Grant Barnhill

Grant has been thoughtfully managing, developing and investing in central Denver real estate for nearly 30 years. He is the Founder of Shift Workspaces, a shared workspace community committed to social stewardship, sustainability and an integrated view of commerce. Inspired by extensive foreign travel, each of his projects has honored the local flavor of Denver while weaving in elements of international art, architecture and culture.