How to Finish Your Year Strong

The end of the year is already in sight. As we prepare to enter Q4 it is a fantastic idea to be proactive and take advantage of this time instead of letting it go to waste. 

Here are a few ideas to help you finish your year strong:


Stress management is key to taking full advantage of the last months of the year, and a big source of stress for most people is the clutter in their desks, their computers, and their inboxes. So start by cleaning out your inbox, sort everything in your computer in folders instead of having everything on your screen, and clean everything on your desk. This will make you feel more comfortable in your workplace, and it may also produce the added benefit of providing you with a clear mind as well. 

Back your data up

While it is important to continually back up your data throughout the year, once you clean up your desktop, it is a great idea to create a backup of all your data now that it is freshly organized to give yourself a clean start. This includes your computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Not only should you back up to a cloud storage system, but you should also consider using an external hard drive for additional insurance. 

List your accomplishments

Make a list of your biggest triumphs of the year, and the obstacles you overcame to achieve those victories. The goal is not only to make you feel good about your year but also to think about how you will be able to replicate these achievements next year. Make sure to also mention everybody who contributed to these successful moments.  

Show your appreciation

Use this time to thank everybody that played a key role in your organization’s accomplishments. This can be anything from a personalized thank you email, to a gift basket or a coupon code.

List your failures

On the flip side, it is also very important to list this year’s shortcomings. Making such a list can help you make a more detached analysis of what went wrong, which will, in turn, help you avoid making these same mistakes next year. Remember that the only way to fail is to not learn from your mistakes. 

Review your digital presence

Take this time to review all the elements that form your digital presence. Start with your website, take the time to click each link, and see if they all work. Check if the information provided is still relevant. Analyze if it still looks fresh or if it looks outdated and needs a full redesign. Then head over to your newsletter and see what improvements can be made. Finally, check out all your social media profiles and see if they are in need of an update. 

Of course, as we head into 2022 and beyond, Shift Workspaces will always be here to help and facilitate your success. 

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