Faces of Shift with Morgan Trego

Earlier this year, we welcomed Morgan Trego to the Shift Workspaces team as our new Culinary Concierge.  We recently sat down with Morgan to learn more about her background, what drew her to Shift Workspace and how her role has recently changed along with her favorite dish in Denver.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Northeast Ohio in a small (perceived as large) town, Cuyahoga Falls. Yes, the town where a river once caught on fire. No, I did not attend THE Ohio State University! Right after graduating from Kent State University, I made the big move to Fort Collins, Colorado to be surrounded by mountains, health and no humidity!

Tell us about some of your hometown’s culinary favorites?

In Ohio, we have a drive-up restaurant called “Swensons” which was formerly only in Cuyahoga Falls but continued to expand throughout the state as I grew older. A must-have when visiting for the famous cajun tater tots, a “Galley Boy” cheeseburger with a special sauce and of course, one of the many milkshake flavors!

What were you doing before joining Shift as our Culinary Concierge?

Before happily joining Shift Workspaces, I was in the hospitality business since my first job. I worked primarily in the front of house in restaurants, dabbled a bit in hotels and country clubs and made my way back into restaurant management at Olive & Finch – a Denver local spot for brunch and juice!

What excited you most about joining the Shift community?

During my time at Olive & Finch, I would occasionally deliver catering orders to Shift Workspaces. I remember being so fascinated with the décor, fresh flowers, and the sense of community and connection I felt being inside of the building. What excited me most about joining our community was being a part of something big. Making real, meaningful connections as well as creating personal experiences for my peers.

Since Shift has suspended food events during these difficult times, your role has slightly changed.  What is something positive that has come from that change?

Preparing fun dishes for the Shift members was nothing short of amazing. With this transition of working more at the front desk, I enjoy getting to know our community in a different way. I think it’s great that I can see every face that walks through the door and offer a warm and engaging welcome while having detailed conversations.

What is your favorite meal to cook at home? And your favorite restaurant dish in Denver?

Coming from a large Italian family, my favorite meal is homemade pasta and tomato sauce served with herby garlic bread, crispy baked potatoes and a big ole’ green salad!

Recently I have really gotten into Ramen, which is interesting as a vegetarian. I think my all-time favorite take on Ramen in Denver is from City O’ City. They have a dish called the Udon Noodle Bowl. Not only is it incredibly spicy (my favorite!) but filled with nourishing vegetables and tons of egg noodles. You can for sure catch me eating this on the coldest day of the year AND the hottest. Yum.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

An ideal weekend for me is spent rejuvenating out in nature either hiking, skiing, mountain biking or doing yoga and of course, COOKING! My ideal weekends are a balance between preparing for the week ahead and replenishing from the week prior.


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