5 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work


Ah, the new year. “New you.” We’re finally weeding through the abundance of health, fitness and mental strength articles on our social feeds. We’re bookmarking at-home workouts, pinning healthy recipes and sharing them amongst friends. Getting back into the swing of things, they say. The new year marks an opportunity for a clean slate, blank pages waiting to be filled with the idea that we can begin again. So why not begin caring about your health again?


Here at Shift, we understand that it’s important for shared workspaces and coworking communities to promote a healthy lifestyle. Because without it, our members aren’t functioning at 100%. And that’s what we want. So take a couple minutes to review some quick and easy tips to start boosting your health around the workplace. And hopefully if I tell enough people, I’ll follow my own example. :)

  1. Focus on Posture.
    Did you know that sitting cross-legged causes varicose veins and lower back pain? Uncross those suckers. And did you know slouching causes headaches, jaw pain and back pain?  So try and realize when you’re doing it and sit straight, or even stand for a few moments.  We’ve got ergonomic desks available in our offices, so you can feel free to stand and work.
  2. Evening Yoga or Stretch Sessions.  If you do slouch, stretch after work or do yoga. Try massaging your lower back by giving the “Happy Baby” pose a try. Your spouse or roommate might thing you’re a little strange. But it feels great. Or stop by the Shift’s fitness center on Tuesday afternoons for our free yoga sessions with Maddie. How’s that for work flexibility?
  3. Take a Call Outside. Unfortunately, we can’t always enjoy the relaxation of being outside in the Winter. But if it’s a nice day, grab your cell phone and take your conference call in the park. Take a lap around Shift’s neighboring Alamo Placita Park and enjoy the sunshine. This will get your legs moving and improve your emotional health. Also, a change of scenery helps many great minds solve a seemingly unending problem.
  4. Eat an Apple. Hungry for lunch but on a roll in excel? A quick snack is typically the solution. Veer away from chips as they’re loaded with carbs and make you sleepy. Opt for an apple instead—they’re right in Shift’s kitchen. Not only is it much healthier but they’re also a placebo caffeine inducer. Apples are loaded with natural glucose. As your body processes and digests these natural sugars, it’s waking up your body, while keeping it that way. Your body keeps that spark for about as long as it takes to process the apple
  5. Afternoon Tea. Our members love good coffee, which we pride ourselves in providing. If I have it at lunch, I’m extremely wired and get a lot of work done, but then I feel really irritable when I’m home. This is mainly because coffee acts as a hunger suppressant and we aren’t nourishing ourselves enough in the early evening hours. Instead of going for another cup of joe, try some green tea or yerba mate instead. Not only will you feel better, but your more apt to eat a light (healthy) snack before you head home. And be sure to check out our in-house tea, Denver-made Teakoe.





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