Volunteer opportunities in the Denver Metro Area

If you are looking for a way to give back to the local community, volunteer opportunities are a great place to start. In the Denver metro area, there are lots of fantastic organizations that are looking for passionate volunteers to help them with their operations. Take a look at some of the top choices below, and consider reaching out to these organizations to see if they need help!

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is one of the largest charitable organizations in the country. They rely on their volunteers to help them keep their prices low, which helps them assist people in the area who are underserved and looking for assistance. The Salvation Army can help people find housing, get a job, and provide them with discounted clothing, appliances, and furniture. The Salvation Army in Denver, Colorado is actively looking for volunteers who can help them with their daily operations. Some volunteer operations include working the stores, raising money, and recruiting others to help with charitable efforts.

Soldiers’ Angels of Denver

Soldiers’ Angels is a charitable organization in Denver that provides comfort, resources, and aid to active-duty military soldiers, veterans, and their family members. It can be incredibly challenging for someone to civilian life after serving a tour overseas. Many soldiers have a difficult time finding the medical care they need, and some soldiers have a hard time getting a job. Soldiers’ Angels helps military soldiers by providing them with food, shelter, and resources they can use to adjust to life in a civilian setting. This is an organization that relies extensively on volunteers for donations, networking, and marketing.

Denver Public Schools

The Denver Public School system is also looking for a wide variety of volunteers. For example, the school system is looking for volunteers who can assist with club activities. There are opportunities for everything from Chess Club to Robotics. The school system is also looking for volunteers who can help in academic settings. This includes help with Spanish-speaking students, classroom assistance, and even mentoring. There are even volunteers needed in an administrative capacity, such as with grant writing. This is a great way to give back to the local community.

Civic Center Conservancy

The Civic Center Conservancy has been open for decades, and it relies on volunteers to help them take care of some of the most beautiful locations in the state. Colorado has a wide variety of natural attractions, including parks and botanical gardens, and volunteers with the Civic Center Conservancy are responsible for helping to maintain these beautiful areas in the state. Volunteers might be responsible for helping to work a wide variety of events that take place in natural locations throughout the year, or they could be responsible for cleaning up the park itself. Volunteers could also partner alongside board members to help with daily operations that raise resources to support the efforts of the Civic Center Conservancy.

Shift Workspaces: Consider Volunteering in the Denver Metro Area

These are just a few of the many volunteer opportunities that are available in the Denver metro area. It can be incredibly fulfilling to give back to the local community, so consider reaching out to a few of these organizations to see what types of opportunities they have available. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact Shift today!

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