Start Your New Year’s Resolutions Today

We know, there’s still a little over a month left before the end of the year. But there are several advantages to getting a head start on your new year’s resolutions.

Last year, the New York Times reported that “by Jan. 8, some 25 percent of resolutions have fallen by the wayside. And by the time the year ends, fewer than 10 percent have been fully kept.”

According to the article, the problem with new year’s resolutions is that they are short-sighted and give priority to immediate pleasure, rather than aiming for something on a long-run. That may very well be the case, or it may be that the Holiday buzz of activity clouds our judgement.

Fact remains, there’s something that needs to be done about the ever increasingly failing new year’s resolutions. Which is why we suggest getting a head start.

Instead of waiting for the year to end and 2019 to roll around, why not start working on these resolutions now, while your routine is still in place and undisrupted?

Starting early means that by the time 2019 rolls around, you’ll already have some momentum, which will make it easier to keep going even when the start of the year stress and rush hits you. Starting early will also help take some pressure off from yourself, especially when you’re aiming for a big shift. It’s better to ease into these kinds of things, instead of going full wind ahead on them.

While in most resolutions it’s you going against you, there are some in which you are also going against others. Starting now as opposed to January means you’ll have an advantage over them, especially considering most people focus on the Holidays during the end of the year. Plus, it will give you a chance to tackle a problem with less distractions.

Lastly, getting a head start means you will have access to resources that are likely harder to gain access to during the first weeks of the year. This could mean online classes, talking with a local expert, going to specialized stores, etc.

Pro tip: You can go as big as you’d like with a new year’s resolution, but to help you stick to it and see it through, establish weekly check ins for yourself and break down a big goal into smaller ones. It’ll be easier to follow through it and it will seem less daunting along the way.

If you need any help focusing on your goal or you need a change of environment to keep you going, let us know! We’d love to have you around!

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