Simplicity During the Holidays

Simplicity During The Holidays

We all know how busy the month of December can be. Hosting family and friends, attending holiday parties, and curating festive dinners can be both thrilling and tiring. We encourage you to give yourself the gift of simplifying a dish or two and taking a break to appreciate the season.

Candied Almond Apricots


Dried Apricots

Chevre goat cheese

Salted almonds


Fresh rosemary


  1. Grab a friend, partner, or the kiddos to work with.
  2. Arrange dried apricots on a platter and garnish with a light smear of creamy goat cheese.
  3. Gently push a salted almond on top of the goat cheese for a slight indent.
  4. Finish with a drip of honey and a sprig of fresh rosemary.
  5. Enjoy!

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