Shift Workspaces Wins Alpine Bank’s Trailblazer Award

As part of its 45th-anniversary celebration, Alpine Bank recognized companies and individuals who have had a significant impact in their communities by donating resources, forging new partnerships and creating new, viable paths for the future.

Shift Workspaces is proud to have won Alpine Bank’s Trailblazer Award for our work in Denver and are honored to know that we share this award with great Colorado companies and individuals, like Klaus Obermeyer, The Vail Jazz Foundation, John Billings, Marble Distilling Co., and others.

Alpine Bank recognized us because it believes that Shift, in true trailblazing nature, introduced a new way of working to Denver. A way of working that’s centered around the human-experience and a commitment to everyone that walks through our doors. Shift cares for its members in a holistic way that makes their daily lives better. We sustain our members so they can sustain their families, their community, and the world.

Shift’s story is one that many people will identify with.

Our founder, Grant Barnhill, used to spend a significant amount of his time working in an environment that lacked natural light, didn’t foster human connection and didn’t have many of the things that he enjoyed outside of his office. In short, it didn’t add value to his life, it often took a lot out of it.

After speaking with people and asking what they wanted in an office space, Grant built a work community that incorporated the amenities, the spirit and the way his community wanted to work. Originally created as a head office, Shift eventually grew into a shared workspace environment. Ultimately, Grant felt like he had to share this with the larger community because it made such a difference in his personal and professional life. He also made a commitment to a larger vision when he started Shift-a commitment to using business as a force for good in the community.

Shift’s first location on Corona Street opened in 2012. We opened a second location at 1001 Bannock in 2017. And in 2018, Shift became a carbon neutral company and just this year, a certified B Corporation.

But our story wouldn’t be complete without our members’ stories, much like Alpine Bank’s wouldn’t be complete without its customers’ stories and successes. In the words of Alpine Bank’s Chairman J. Robert Young: “the success of the bank is a reflection of the well-being of the communities we serve.”

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