Personalizing Your Workspace with a Dedicated Desk

Experience a Dedicated Desk at Shift Workspaces and immerse yourself in our vibrant community while elevating your workday with luxury services and amenities.  

As a dedicated desk member, you have access to a range of world-class amenities for just $499/month. Our dedicated desks are thoughtfully designed to provide you with a personal workspace that reflects your style and enhances your productivity. Enjoy the comfort of a desk that is uniquely yours within the inspiring atmosphere of Shift Workspaces. We invite you to set up a home base for yourself at an assigned desk designed to help you enjoy the camaraderie of our exceptional community while you maintain the predictability of your own dedicated space. Rest easy knowing that you’ll always have your workspace when you come in, and can always leave your work at work. From communal spaces, to curated culinary offerings and social events, we’ve built an environment that caters to your personal and professional needs. 

Who Can Use a Dedicated Desk? 

Curious about who can benefit from a dedicated desk at Shift Workspaces? Whether you’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a remote worker, a dedicated desk offers a personalized and efficient workspace solution. This is a great option when it is important for you to leave items at the office such as a monitor, paperwork, or more. 

Benefits of a Dedicated Desk 

Increased Productivity 

A dedicated desk provides a consistent and focused work environment, minimizing distractions and maximizing your productivity. Having a dedicated space to call your own can significantly enhance your workflow. 


A dedicated desk offers the flexibility to personalize your space while enjoying the benefits of a shared office environment. Adapt your workspace to suit your work style and preferences. 

Our Locations 

Shift Bannock 

At Shift Bannock, our dedicated desks blend seamlessly with the world-class design of the space. Experience an inspiring layout and engage in networking events that foster collaboration among our vibrant community. 

Shift Corona 

Discover a community-focused approach at Shift Corona. Enjoy indoor and outdoor facilities, and take advantage of unique offerings such as complimentary yoga classes, bootcamp courses and 24/7 access to our fully equipped fitness studio. Shift Corona goes beyond a workspace; it’s a lifestyle. 

Shift Littleton 

Nestled just outside the Denver metro area, Shift Littleton offers a design that combines functionality with inspiration. Our community-focused initiatives, workshops, and events create a vibrant atmosphere that enhances your work experience. 

Explore Other Memberships 

Ready to elevate your work experience? Explore the various membership options at Shift Workspaces and discover the perfect fit for your professional journey. Whether it’s a dedicated desk, private office, or flexible coworking space, Shift has the ideal solution for you. 

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