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Student Distance Learning Space


Distance learning space is available to students from grades five to twelve at all Shift Locations.

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As families struggle to navigate the challenges of distance learning combined with remote work, Shift is offering new memberships and services to enhance family and student wellbeing.

We offer a well-stocked and safe space for learning pods made up of 5th through 12th-grade students to engage in distance learning. With a dedicated space, families can combine their remote schooling efforts. And our short-term agreements give you the flexibility you need to adapt to a constantly-evolving situation.

We also offer family memberships where a private office can act as a clean and safe second space for remote learning and working. Our services and amenities make life easier for the whole family.


Grant Barnhill

“Shift is more than a workspace. We’re a support system for individuals and families throughout the community as we navigate this challenging time together. Our new services are designed to meet our collective needs.”

-Grant Barnhill 

Owner, Shift Workspaces


In addition to our hospitality-driven service, elevated design, and wellness amenities, we offer benefits and amenities geared toward our youngest members and their families. At Shift, we provide everything your student needs to get more done, so you can too. Students will enjoy complimentary snacks and a fully stocked school supply closet. We provide enough sharpened pencils, recycled paper, art supplies and post-its to get through the day without interruption, as well as unlimited ultra-reliable high-speed internet. Can your wifi handle an entire household on Zoom at once with professional backgrounds and no glitches? Ours can.


At Shift Workspaces, your health, safety, and comfort are our top priorities. In consideration of the evolving COVID-19 situation, we share regular updates and take proactive measures to create a safe working environment. Shift follows CDC guidelines to ensure all workspaces and common areas maintain the highest levels of cleanliness. We disinfect all restrooms, kitchens, doorknobs, handles, appliances, countertops, and worktables several times throughout each workday and evening. Hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and soap and water, are readily available throughout the space.


We know that it takes more than our super-fast wifi and beautiful conference rooms to help your workday be amazing. That’s why our highly-trained conceirge staff is on hand to answer your questions, lend you a charger, and keep you full and hydrated. Our members are Shift’s heart and soul, and when you’re happy and fulfilled, we’re happy and fulfilled.

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