Meet the Team | Kelly Hoddy

We are thrilled to welcome Kelly Hoddy to our Shift Workspaces Bannock property as our new General Manager. With a strong real estate and customer service background we are excited to welcome her to the Shift Team. 

Are you a Colorado native? Not quite, but close! I have lived in Colorado for 24 years.

If not, where did you previously live? I was born and raised in Michigan. I left the cold for the desert sun and palm trees to attend College in Arizona and stayed for 10 yrs. I eventually found my way to Colorado where I met my husband and raised my family.

What were you doing prior to joining Shift Workspaces Bannock as our General Manager? I was a Government Contractor in Healthcare, proudly serving families across the State of Colorado. After taking some time off to raise my two girls, I took on new adventures in Real Estate: first as an investor in CO and AZ, and then as a Licensed Realtor and Title Producer.

What excited you most about joining the Shift community? I was most excited about being able to bring all the things I love most about investing, property management and contracting together in such a unique setting, while getting to know and serve all of our members!

After your first month with Shift Workspaces, what are a few things that you learned about the community? This is truly a special place filled with fantastic people. There is something or someone new around every corner. The spaces here at Bannock tell a story and getting to know each member has been a privilege.

What does your ideal weekend look like? My ideal weekend includes long sunny days in Grand Lake, CO. This charming town has been a home away from home for my 2 girls and 2 dogs for over 20 years. Summer days are calling!

As you begin your career in the coworking space, what is something you hope to achieve? I hope to continue to learn more about our members, to build strong relationships within the community, and help others here at Shift to achieve their very best in business.

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