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Faces of Shift with Paul Fread of Original Roots

For those of you that don't know, Shift Corona is our first location. It has laid the groundwork for the magic that is to come. It is an original piece of artwork, concocted from an older piece of office space real estate. Basically, Shift Corona is the O.G. Some pretty talented people exist within these walls. Paul Fread being one of them. Fread, the Design & Operations Manager of Original Roots, is a true visionary, restoring older homes and creating something special for the homeowners, something unique, something original.

June 29, 2017|Categories: Faces of Shift|

Faces of Shift with Urban Canvas

There's some new kids on the block. And they're cool as can be. Urban Canvas is an innovative troupe of creatives who specialize in design, branding, and digital advertising. They revel in unconventional wisdom and are paving a successful path through long hours, big smiles, and dynamic collaboration. Their team of 50+ freelancers allow for a wide range of creative endeavors, working on major clients like Panasonic and the Salvador Dali Museum.

June 7, 2017|Categories: Faces of Shift|

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