Faces of Shift with Global Prairie

Pictured left to right: Paige Nobles, Erin Bunyard, Megan Monsees, Lori Boccato. Not pictured Lauren Johnson.

Where is everyone from originally? Do you enjoy living in Denver?

We hail from all over the country: Kansas, Oklahoma, California, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania. We all LOVE living in Denver… it’s the perfect springboard for our personal and professional goals.

Who are a few of your women role models and why?

We’ve all been deeply inspired by our mothers – while very different in terms of their backgrounds, personalities, professional roles, and more – they each raised us to be strong, confident, compassionate women. Our founder Anne St. Peter is another role model we share: she left the corporate world ten years ago to open a firm that would not only use marketing as a force for good but be an extremely supportive place for working women. Her vision and passion are inspiring. Finally – being in the communications space, we have particular affinity for women who lead with a powerful, persuasive voice – Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey are two women whose speeches leave us in awe.

What drew you to Shift and how has being here helped reach your career goals?

Of course, the space itself was important to us – but the real point of attraction was the wonderfully warm, supportive culture that we found in Beth, Miranda and Ryan. It’s rare for a co-working space to place so much emphasis on human connection and ensuring our daily comfort. We’re so happy here.

As women in the work force, what are some challenges and obstacles that you have faced and over come?

Early in our careers each of us experienced, to varying degrees, a competitiveness from other women that saw our success as a threat to their own. It stemmed from a culture where fewer women made it to leadership levels across the board, and so some developed a “it’s either me or her” mentality. At Global Prairie we are extremely intentional about using our power as women to bring one another up – to ensure that one person’s success is also our collective success. We know it’s not an either/or proposition and we’re grateful that the tides have largely turned on this issue.

What advice would you give to women entering the work force?

Find – and use – your voice! This is the biggest differentiator between how men and women behave in the workplace that holds women back. It’s critical that you learn how to be your own advocate and how to share your ideas confidently and unapologetically. Some women get stuck in the idea that speaking up with a different point of view, or asking for what they need, is somehow ‘impolite’. We’re all living proof that it’s possible to be polite AND to contribute substantially with your unique point of view.

About Global Prairie

Global Prairie is a purpose-driven marketing firm, founded on the belief that marketing should be a force for good. Since day one, we’ve been crafting business-building solutions that help our clients drive social impact. Global Prairie has nine offices around the world, seven in the United States – including Denver! – and two in Europe. We’re proud to be a privately held, woman-owned company celebrating our 10th anniversary this year.

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