Faces of Shift with Weller Media

Tell us about Weller Media and what your company specializes in.

Weller Media is a results-oriented advertising agency headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Since 2011, we’ve managed the full spectrum of traditional and digital advertising. Our marketing solutions include TV, CTV, radio, streaming audio, outdoor, print, and digital. Our services encompass every stage of the advertising process – from crafting marketing strategies to production, planning, placement, media buying, reconciliations, and reporting. Our goal is to help our clients achieve next-level success.

What differentiates Weller Media from competitors?

It’s more than just business, it’s personal to us, and we truly care about your success. Since our agency was founded, we have retained and have strong relationships with 98% of our clients. We firmly believe in avoiding the “set it and forget it” approach. We roll up our sleeves for every client and put in the hard work, driven by a shared goal of achieving lasting and sustainable growth. Here, are our three key competitive strengths:

  1. Leverage: Our network includes sizable clients across the United States who invest millions annually with station ownership groups on advertising campaigns. With our expansive market presence and nurtured relationships, we use our influence to secure the most competitive rates and schedules.
  2. Determination: With every client, we conduct a dive deep into their historical CRM data and engage in candid discussions about their goals. We monitor their lead and conversion data weekly, and provide solutions if we’re not hitting their goals.
  3. Comprehensive Services: Our role spans the entire advertising spectrum, from crafting compelling content to formulating winning strategies, from skillful negotiation to creative production, and everything in between.

What about your business and/or industry inspires you?

The “Why” behind what we do is fueled by our clients’ growth and success. We’re inspired when our advertising campaigns help grow our clients’ businesses. Also, as the marketing landscape continues to evolve, we evolve with it. We are passionate about learning new technologies and consumer habits to help our clients reach their target demographics. What are Weller Media’s core values or company mission? How does either one affect how your company caters to clients?

Company Mission: Since 2011, we have handled everything from marketing strategy to production to media buying, and everything in between. Weller Media is on a mission to help our clients reach their goals and potential. We work hard, build strong relationships, and leverage over 80 years of combined experience to bring the latest media services that your brand needs and deserves.

Can you describe the culture of Weller Media?

Weller Media’s culture is to work hard while having fun! We are passionate about what we do and we achieve great results for our clients. We enjoy working with people, stations, and clients, and we all try to learn something new every day. We value collaboration and creativity, and instead of being hindered by challenges, we are solution-oriented and have a “let’s figure it out” mindset.

What drew you to Shift to be your company home in Weller Media?Shift is hands down the best collaborative work environment we toured in Denver. The atmosphere is welcoming, the amenities are the best, the employees are friendly and helpful, and who doesn’t love winding down with a glass of wine at the end of the day? Our agency isn’t average, and our work environment shouldn’t be either, which is why we selected Shift.  How has joining Shift Workspaces Weller Media contributed to your growth and success?

During COVID our company went fully remote. We realized we started losing the heart of what we did. To increase collaboration and creativity, we understood we had to bring the team back into the office. Joining Shift has absolutely contributed to our agency’s continued growth and success, and we’re on track to have the best year yet!

What do you/your team enjoy doing outside of business?

Tyler (President & COO): Outside of work, you’ll find me running through DIA because I like cutting it way too close to my flight, bellied up at the bar at Hillstone (or any other great restaurant in Cherry Creek), having conversations with my cat (Bubba), attending concerts and sporting events around Denver, and protesting burpees at Endorphin.

Skip (Founder & CEO): Playing golf, traveling, yoga, great restaurants, live music, and watching my Detroit Tigers, New Orleans Saints, Denver Broncos, and Denver Nuggets.

Cat (Client Success Manager): Traveling, hiking, concerts, cooking, reading, romanticizing art I can’t afford, living my best life as a cat and plant mom.

Alexa (Creative Design & Content Specialist): Spending time with my daughter, exploring Denver, trying new recipes and cheering on the Tar Heels!

Carissa (Marketing Coordinator): Road trips, concerts, camping, hiking, running, exercising, and any outdoor activities.

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