Faces of Shift with Thomas Pasque

With over 3 billion internet users, a company’s website is the most important marketing tool that they have.  If someone wants to learn about a business, they will turn to Google and when they land on a site, it’s a company’s opportunity to impress.  Because websites act as a brand ambassador, it’s important it delivers the right message. 

This month we met with Thomas Pasque. We chatted about his company Mercantyle and how it can help companies with their website, why he chose Shift Workspaces, and what inspires him.

What is your company and what do you do?

Mercantyle is a digital creation agency.  We dream, design and develop with clients of all shapes and sizes.  Our services include branding/design work, website/e-commerce development and custom mobile and web-based software development.  

How’d you get into your current career?

I have worked for or started technical/engineering related companies for over 8 years; most of these companies have been heavily involved in the start-up world so, naturally, I gravitate to new ventures.  I’ve been fortunate to work with, create, co-found, invest, lead and sell companies in energy, fitness and tech-related industries. 

I love working hard to build companies that serve their customers well.  It’s a personal goal of mine to be passionate about our work as I believe it benefits the customer and also makes for a better life.  The co-founder of Mercantyle (Tony) and myself echo these sentiments in our daily work and we believe that our projects should be designed beautifully and should function even better.  

Why did you choose Shift and how has that decision helped your business?

Shift Workspaces was one of the first co-working spaces I ran across in 2012. At that time, my interest was growing to be more heavily involved in tech and working in these types of environments.  When it made sense for Mercantyle to establish an office in 2019, we felt Shift met our needs both location wise and with its environment.  Plus, it was somewhat nostalgic walking back through the doors in 2019. 

I thought back on how much has changed since 2012 and I found myself smiling at what was ahead.  I think Shift is a great place for Mercantyle to be as we build our company.

What about your job inspires you? Are there clients that you’ve worked with that motivate you?

Our company motto sums up my inspiration at Mercantyle: Dream, Design, Develop.  If you’ve ever been in a tech project, you know you need all three.  We take the client through that dream phase where a lot of the planning and initial critical thinking happens. 

We do a lot of design work and have the capacity to do great logo/branding work as well as web renderings/storyboards/etc. As for the “develop” portion; I spent four years as an engineer and three as a software developer so inherently I love the actual build-out. 

Underlying all of that though, I think it is important to note that both Tony and I love that we serve our customers and we believe we serve them well.

Any big trips planned? Or any other big events coming up? This can be personal or business-related.

I come from a huge family.  My dad is the oldest of 8 and there are 60+ Pasques and counting.  We have a family wedding on that side as well as our family reunion this summer.  I honestly love spending time with my wife and my family.  That being said, I am very excited for both of those events as we’re blessed to get to do that kind of stuff with people we love.  

To learn more about Mercantyle and their services, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

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