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Pictured from left to right: Wayne Keith, Brooke Swanson, Scott Roberts, Niki Cianciotta & Dan Peterson   Not pictured Dave Ott & Tait Debaca


At the end of May 2019, there were more homes for sale in Denver than at any other time in the previous five years.  This is great news for prospective buyers who in recent years may have been frustrated by struggling to find the perfect home in such a hot market.

To help find the perfect home, it starts with the perfect realtor.  We are fortunate to have a great team of realtors here at Shift Workspaces.  This month we sat down with the team from Six Seasons Realty

How did you come up with the name, Six Seasons Realty?

We call ourselves Six Seasons because we’re committed to our clients long after the ink dries—becoming your trusted real estate advisor in all four seasons of the year and beyond. To us, spring, summer, fall, winter, lifestyle, and location are the six seasons that make up the bigger picture of selling or buying a home. 

This is what sets Six Seasons apart; delivering the kind of exceptional service that goes beyond real estate, adding value to our client relationships by being their advisors, friends and partners in homeownership throughout the years.

Congratulations on your anniversary coming up in June! What has set you apart from other residential real estate companies?

Hi guys, thank you for spotlighting Six Seasons Realty this month! What sets Six Seasons Realty apart from other agencies is our philosophy when working with our clients. Our overarching approach to residential real estate is focusing on what matters before, during, and after a transaction – relationships, knowledge and hospitality. We build relationships with clients months before they sell or buy property, so we understand their situation and timeline.

We pride ourselves on being as knowledgeable as we can be in our real estate market, but also aware of our clients’ situations, because they all are different. Finally, we enjoy hosting parties, giving clients our candles and spice blends – it’s a great way of staying in touch with our clients after a sale and bringing together our clients so they can form relationships as well. 

Since you brought up candles and spice blends; when and why did you start making your own candles and spices?

The creation of the spice blends came to Wayne in 2012. He hosted his first client appreciation party and wanted his guests to receive a gift. Wayne’s Seasoning Blend was the first one conceived. Clients kept asking for more, so the Good Friend Blend was created in 2013. We have 5 seasonings today, with our 6th one due in 2020. 

Brooke and Wayne love candles. And they happened to be good friends with Rachel Woolcott, the owner of Woolywax. She’s an artisan candle maker in Berkeley Park. As a company, we wanted to give candles to our clients as a closing or housewarming gift. Since we have six seasons – summer, spring, fall, winter, lifestyle, and location, we had the unique opportunity to have six different scents. All are custom that we created with Rachel at her Wooly Wax studio. 

The Denver Real Estate market is hot, that’s no secret. What’s the best tip you can give someone who’s competing for the house of their dreams?

Find an agent who knows the real estate business, has a reputation as a professional, and bottom line, someone you connect with and trust…this first step helps build rapport immediately. Multiple offers on properties in Metro Denver are still common occurrences, but certainly not as frequent as several years ago. If you are in a competitive situation, make sure your offer doesn’t just have the best purchase price, but is also creative or tailored towards the seller’s needs. The contract tells the whole story, so a strong offer doesn’t mean ‘price’. 

What is some advice you can give someone who is selling their home and doesn’t want to renovate?

Depending on the ‘renovation’, good luck. So many buyers in Denver are stretching their purchasing power and possibly won’t have the means to complete updates or renovations after they make a purchase. This is why we see some homes sit on the market longer…they need a bit more updating. My advice for those sellers who require a bit more updating, but decide not to spend the time or money – be patient and mindful of purchase price compared to those homes that have experienced a bit more updating and are turnkey, especially properties under $550,000. 

When your team isn’t selling homes, what do you like to do in Colorado?

We have a diverse team, as you’ll see. The seven of us in the month of June have or will be doing the following: participating in Denver’s Pop Culture Con, leading the Denver Nuggets alumni group, traveling to Scotland, hosting a fundraiser for the Sunnyside Music Festival, organizing a pot luck dinner for their child’s school, co-hosting the Berkeley Park Supper Club, and raising a new Bernedoodle puppy. 

Which areas of town do you focus on and how can people contact you to start searching for their new home?

That’s a good question. Six Seasons’ agents don’t focus on a specific area of Denver. We pride ourselves on understanding the Denver Metro market so we can work with and support our clients who seek us out or who have worked with us previously. A few areas we’ve experienced a high concentration of business are Berkeley Park, Washington Park, Jefferson Park, Northfield/Stapleton, Arvada and Centennial. 

If you are interested in buying or selling a home in Denver, you can contact Six Seasons Realty through their website.  You can also follow them on Instagram

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