Faces of Shift with Sara Bohks of Shift Workspaces Corona

We are excited to welcome Sara Bohks to the team at Shift Workspaces.  Sara is the General Manager at our Corona location.  Sara comes to Shift with many years’ experience in property management, sales, residential real estate and hospitality. 

During her first week at Shift, we sat down with Sara to learn more about her background, her professional experience, what she does when she’s not working and why she decided to join the Shift team. 

What were you doing prior to joining Shift Workspaces?

I was a Property Manager for condo associations and mixed-use buildings in Downtown Denver.  I have been working in residential real estate for 13 years.  I also spent 8 years living in New York City working for a Real Estate Developer who specialized in converting historic 1920’s office buildings into luxury rental apartments.

What brought you back to Colorado?

Living in NYC was an amazing experience and I think everyone should do it once in their life. After 8 years I missed the mountains and was ready to return to my roots and a more laid-back lifestyle.

As a Colorado native, what are some of your favorite spots that have stood the test of time?

I love live music, so I am glad to see that places like The Bluebird, Gothic Theater and The Ogden have remained the same.  Some of my favorite bars and restaurants that are still around would be Don’s Mixed Drinks, Jerusalem’s, The Cherry Cricket and Potager.  Although Denver is really growing right now, it’s still nice that much of it is remaining the same. 

What are some things that you do every morning to get yourself ready for the day?

I like to wake up early so I can have a relaxing start to my day.   I like to put on some good music, make a healthy breakfast and stretch out on a yoga mat.  Having this routine to my morning helps me create a balanced mindset for the rest of the day. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to hop on one of the electric scooters and explore all the new places Denver has to offer.  I also enjoy playing golf, hiking, live music and spending time with friends and family.

Why did you decide to join the team at Shift Workspaces?

I loved the idea of being involved in a coworking environment and having the ability to provide support to small business, freelancers and entrepreneurs.  I find it exciting to see how a property can be converted and used to create an entirely new community. 

As you start your career in the coworking industry, what is something you hope to achieve?

I am looking forward to learning everything I can about the coworking industry as well as the Shift Community. I am hoping that I can continue to offer the same support to our members.  It’s great that we not only provide a healthy positive work environment, but we also get to be a part of the growth of all different kinds of companies.  I hope to build long last relationships with the Shift Team and all of the Members.

After your first week with Shift Workspaces, what are a few things that you learned about your community?

Everyone that I have met has been so friendly and welcoming.   It’s great to see that some of the members have been with Shift since the beginning. The community members bring a great vibe and energy to the workday. 

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