Faces of Shift with Ryan Armento, CPA, PLLC


Tell us about Ryan M. Armento, CPA, PLLC and what your company specializes in.

Ryan M. Armento, CPA, PLLC is a certified public accounting business based in Denver, Colorado. Integrating extensive knowledge, experience, continuing education and today’s cloud-based platforms, Ryan M. Armento, CPA, PLLC is providing professional accounting and tax services along with other business solutions to small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals, nationwide.


How has your experience been with building up your own business? Do you have any advice for those who are in the same position?

The business originally began while I was gainfully employed by simply providing accounting and tax support to friends and those within an arm’s reach of my own network. Outside normal business hours, I enjoyed helping those in need organize their accounting records, understand their business financial statements, and when it came to taxes, promote a proactive vs reactive mind set. Quickly people took notice and I started receiving numerous inquiries. Early 2023, I knew it was time to cut ties with a fixed paycheck and complacent mindset and offer my services to everyone.

I have always been a goal oriented individual; I believe goals are important and are what keeps us from becoming complacent. My advice is never to settle with what you have, dream big and follow your passion.


Where do you find your inspiration in business?  

My inspiration in life first starts every morning at 5:45am when my little ones decide to wake me up. My inspiration in business comes from the core values I was raised with, my clients and the members I communicate with daily at Shift Workspace.


What are your core values or company mission? How does either one affect how your company caters to clients?

When one is doing what they love and working towards a goal, it never feels like a job.

I do what I love and reach mine by working hard in supporting clients achieve theirs. Whether you’re a small business or individual, I will always guarantee professionalism, transparency, and the drive to support your working needs.


What is your long-term business vision or goal?

In addition to providing client support, I joke within my inner circle about starting a podcast to assist those in need of accounting or tax advice.


What drew you to Shift to be your company home in 2023?

Jim Rohn once said “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. As a one-person startup, I knew it was important to surround myself with individuals that carried the same core values as me. After touring many co-working spaces, I felt the staff and members of Shift Workspace were second to none. The staff always pays attention to the details, they are very professional and genuinely care. All while the members are driven, dedicated and working hard to do better.


How has joining Shift Workspaces Bannock contributed to your growth and success? 

In addition to the all-world aesthetics within the Bannock location, Shift Workspace has allowed me to focus on my business by removing the guess work of office logistics. Shift is willing and has the capacity to tailor their services and working spaces to complement my business, both today and in the future.


What do you enjoy doing outside of business?

When I’m not educating clients and working with them to reach their goals, you can find me on the ski slopes, chasing my ball on the wrong fairway or at a local park with my family.


Anything else you would like to share?!

Thank you, Shift Workspaces, for all that you have provided and what I know you will continue to provide!

To learn more about Ryan M. Armento, CPA LLC you may visit https://www.ryanmarmentocpa.com/



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