Faces of Shift with RS1 Jewelry

RS1 was born and raised in the business, literally. As a child, his playpen was an ever-present fixture in his family’s diamond wholesale office. His father started their family diamond wholesale business in 1980 in Houston, TX where the family has been a fixture in the jewelry community since. The family business is going strong and that is where RS1 spent 8+ years making his reputation and learning his craft- now entering his 12th year in the jewelry industry.

There is a combined 112+ years of diamond buying, grading, and jewelry manufacturing experience guiding his career into diamonds and fine jewelry. He is GIA certified in diamonds as well as an active wholesale buyer. In an ever-changing world, he strives to bring his transparent-honest approach to being a private concierge jeweler to a wider discerning audience.

RS1 is all about starting a conversation with our clients. Who are they? We provide custom, bespoke, and limited production run designs of domestically crafted fine jewelry. Our jewelry is meant to add that precious lining to your everyday life..

The focus is you and your story. Why? Because our clients are our brand. We let our quality and service speak for itself while bringing your vision to fruition.

Our Services:Diamond and Jewelry Education; Consultation and Guidance; Custom Jewelry Design; Remaking of family heirlooms; Bespoke and Limited Run Pieces; Jewelry Repair; and Watches. This list goes on so call RS1 and see if he can help!

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