Faces of Shift With Point b(e) Strategies

Each month at Shift Workspaces, we have the opportunity to highlight a valued member. We love getting to know our members not only on a professional level but also on a personal one. This month, we sat down with the team from Point b(e) Strategies. Continue reading to hear more about who they are and what they are passionate about.

Tell us about the work you do at Point b(e) Strategies and introduce the team?

Point b(e) Strategies is an equity-centered, one-stop shop for organizational development and capacity building services. We work to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the social change sector – primarily partnering with nonprofits, foundations, institutes of higher education, and small city/state governmental entities. We offer strategic planning, grant writing and fund development planning, program evaluation, board and staff training, change management services, and justice, equity, diversity and inclusion services. Currently, we are a team of 14 people – but we continue to grow rapidly! While most of the team lives in Colorado, we have a staff presence in Oregon, Montana, Texas, Michigan and Virginia! Our team is composed of catalysts who are committed to changing the world through the exploration, dismantling and rebuilding of systems. 

What do you enjoy doing with your time when you are not working?

We are a team of diverse individuals with diverse hobbies! We ski, snowshoe, camp, read, travel, hike, climb, sing in bands, garden, do yoga, hang with our dogs and kiddos, volunteer in our communities, and hang out with each other!  

What is something about Point b(e) Strategies that most people do not know?

The weird spelling of our name is intentional! We think of the “Point b” of our clients being the place they want to arrive at the end of our work together. Simultaneously, we also want our work to help our clients better understand and articulate who they want to be! So, we design strategies to help clients identify who they want to be and to arrive at their desired point b!   

What about your business and/or industry motivates you?

There is a lot about the social change sector that motivates us – in fact, all of our team members worked as boots-on-the-ground in the nonprofit sector before becoming consultants. I think I speak for the team when I say that one thing that really motivates each of us is the possibility of a different world and a different way of being. We are a company that is laser-focused on equity and the creation and maintenance of more equitable and inclusive spaces – we work towards this in everything that we do and the little wins we see along the way help keep us motivated to push for and work for change. We are also motivated by our clients! Folks working in the nonprofit and social change spaces are relentless and tireless in their fight for building a better world. Watching our clients and their commitments to their communities inspires and motivates us every day. 

What is a challenge you are excited to face in the next couple of years?

As we continue to emerge from the last nearly three years of the pandemic, the nonprofit sector Is having to reinvent itself in many ways. While it feels like a steep, uphill battle on many days, it is a challenge we are collectively really excited to take on. Our approach to consulting positions us well as thought-partners and true catalysts in the sector – giving us the opportunity to help our clients ask and answer hard questions about their work, the communities they serve, and opportunities to make the world more equitable. 

How has coming to Shift Workspaces Bannock contributed to your growth and success?

Coming to Shift has been a dream! We used to have just one tiny office space in a different coworking space – making the move to Shift has allowed us to level-up and to reconnect with each other in new ways. We have spent much of the past three years working almost entirely remote. While many members of our team remain remote, moving into three offices in Shift has allowed our team to reconnect and to build more natural synergies between projects. It’s fun to come to work and we love all of the wonderful staff and amenities available at Shift.   

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