Faces of Shift with Dale and Nick Schossow of Schossow Group, Compass

Shift Workspaces is lucky enough to surround ourselves and our community with an amazing group of members! Each month we are excited to interview one of those great groups of people so that everyone has a chance to learn more about those within our community. This month we were able to speak with both Dale and Nick Schossow of Schossow Group, Compass. Take a look below to find out more:

How did you discover and begin your own careers in the residential real estate industry?

Dale began his career in residential real estate while working at Coors Brewery in the bottle filling room. With a young family at home and a desire to make a better living, he got out of the corporate environment. Since then, Dale has seen nearly every aspect of the business side of real estate from owning/operating his own franchises, boutique firms, and now at Compass.

Nick began his career 6 years ago after selling his small business in Arizona. Working for Dale in real estate was the path back home to Colorado.

Dale, what is the biggest change you have seen across the residential industry since your career began?

I used to write every contract on paper with carbon copies for each party. To put a home on the market, we would submit it to the MLS book that was printed once a week. Nowadays, we can have a home on the market with a click and have it marketed locally, nationally, and internationally within minutes. Technology has drastically changed the way we operate for our clients. The one thing that remains the same no matter how much technology is creates, is that we are in the business of helping people, and that face-to-face relationship will never be replaced by technology.

What do you foresee the residential market to look like over the next 12 months?

Every indicator we look at points to the Denver market staying hot. With inventory continuing to stay at all-time lows, and demand staying strong, we don’t see a slowdown anytime soon. We are seeing buyers from major metropolitan cities move to Denver to take advantage of the laid-back Colorado lifestyle, now that working remote has become a viable option for most major corporations across the country.

With just over 2 years in the Colorado landscape, Compass Realty has quickly become one of the leading brokerage companies in the state. What distinguishes Compass from other real estate companies?

The way that Compass supports their agents is unparalleled in the real estate industry. Compass invests in their agents, the way agents invest in their clients, and it shows. They have created cutting edge technology and marketing tools to help us connect with our clients regularly and rely on their streamlined platform to reduce the time we spend completing the day-to-day tasks. Compass was the #1 Brokerage firm by volume in 2020, just our second year in Denver.

As one of Denver’s top-producing real estate teams, what is your biggest piece of advice for anyone starting out in the industry?

Surround yourself with a like-minded brokerage firm to set yourself up for long term success. We firmly believe that to have longevity in residential real estate, joining or creating a successful team of agents is the future.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being your own boss?

Real estate affords so much opportunity. The most rewarding thing for us are the lifelong relationships that are born out of helping people buy and sell their properties. We love the lifelong friendships that real estate has provided.

What is one of the most challenging realities as an entrepreneur in your line of work?

We wake up unemployed every day. This is an inconsistent way to make a living, and that can be a scary feeling not knowing that a paycheck will be deposited every other Friday.

What about your job inspires you?

For us, that is getting to the finish line with all the moving parts of a real estate transaction completed. We specialize in high-end new construction, and many times we are selling a dream home to folks that are trusting us, and our builder clients, that it will turn out the way they envisioned. When the home is finally ready to deliver, and the new homeowners’ expectations have been exceeded, that is the most fulfilling part of what we do.

When you and your team are not hard at work, what do you like to do for fun?

We love everything Colorado has to offer. Dale is an avid fisherman and loves spending time in Gunnison every chance he can. Nick spends any extra time with his wife and 3 kids (Toby 8, Levi, 6, and Isabella, 3) at their various sporting events.

Tell us about the benefits you find coming into your office at Shift Littleton.

Shift gave us a renewed energy to grow our business. We went through significant changes early in 2020, in addition to the unknown that COVID brought to the table. We joined Shift in July and having an office at the Littleton location has given us a renewed energy to be “in the office” and succeed. We enjoy the amenities, the atmosphere, the location in downtown Littleton, and we hope to have an office for a long time.

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