Faces of Shift with Alignd

Tell us about Alignd and what your firm specializes in.

Alignd is a management consultancy. VPs of Sales and Marketing of larger B2B tech companies hire us to audit why their current activities aren’t working to generate deal flow, develop new strategies to fix it, and implement them with their team.


When you first joined Shift, you were with another company. Share with us how Alignd was born and where your vision came from.

Yes! I was a brand strategist, freelancing for a variety of B2B companies. I met my now-business partner in an online workshop and we started a live show/podcast called B2B Power Hour. We discussed how sales & marketing teams in B2B were messing up and what to do instead. We very much stumbled into our consulting work – as a result of the show, a lot of people came to us to help fix their challenges. Alignd was born.


What differentiates Alignd from competitors?

The truth about great sellers & marketers is they don’t have “the next great playbook.” What they do have are frameworks, insights, and experiments they run and refine. We’ve spent years running experiments to figure out what actually works for modern sales + marketing. You can hire a big consulting group to get advice that sounds good, but companies come to us when they want advice that’s battle-tested and ready to implement in the real world.


What about your business and/or industry inspires you?

I get to work with some of the coolest and most important companies in the world. Their technology helps save lives (quite literally in some cases) and empower people all over the planet. If only they could get more people to adopt it… that’s what keeps me going. Seeing the human impact of technology.


What drew you to Shift to be your company home in Denver?

The Bohemian-inspired furniture. :) But honestly, the community of people here who are all doing their own thing, but curious enough to know what everyone else is up to. It’s just a great place to work and build community.


What do you enjoy doing outside of business?

You can always find me reading a book, drinking Scotch, and eating tacos (soft shell only please). I travel a bunch for pleasure, seeking out the little hole-in-the-wall places in small towns and big cities across the world. And I do love a good hike or camping trip, preferably in the southwest part of Colorado. The San Juans are its own kind of majesty!


We would love to know. What is your biggest advice for “getting Alignd”?

Love this question. The most common mistake we see is sales and marketing teams are accidentally targeting different people. Sellers know who the best-fit clients are but marketing is still creating campaigns for a different kind of prospect. Leaders have to create internal feedback loops between the sales and marketing teams to share what’s working and what’s best.

People can go to aligndgtm.com to learn more :) or find me on LinkedIn!

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