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What inspired you to start Visitplanner? 

More than anything, we found a niche that was underserved and saw an opportunity to build a meaningful business. I love to build teams, and I’ve always wanted to start something from scratch. Visitplanner was my chance to do that.

What differentiates you from other competitors? 

Two primary things: One, my business partner and I came up in the market we’re serving, so we’re not just vendors selling to a need. We’re insiders, so we’re trusted. Secondly, our industry is full of less-than-reputable freelancers working on volume. We differentiate by providing extremely high-quality service.

What about your industry inspires you? 

To be honest, it’s not my industry that I find inspiring necessarily. I mean, digital advertising isn’t something a lot of kids dream of doing when they grow up, but we’re helping people find community, and as I mentioned before, I’m getting to build teams and figure out ways to push the business beyond just a simple little lifestyle company. So, that’s inspiring.

What are Visitplanner’s core values or company mission? How does either one affect how your company caters to clients? 

Our mission is simply to help those seeking community to find it. This informs every interaction with our clients, as we help them not only to remember that the “leads” coming in are actual humans with actual desires but also to help push them to be more and more creative in how they curate the community into which they’re inviting these humans.

What is your long-term company vision or goals? 

Well, we just wrapped up year 1 in business, and it looks like this thing is going to work, but we still have a long way to go. So for now, long-term really just means setting ourselves up for sustainable growth in year 2. From there, I have lots of ideas…but then again, I’m never short on ideas.

What drew you to Shift? 

The view. It doesn’t hurt that everything’s clean, curated, and comfortable either. And obviously the staff. Hospitality is a value that’s lived in every detail, and as a work-from-home person for most of my career, it’s nice to feel like I have coworkers and friends (at least I think we’re friends).

How has joining Shift Workspaces Littleton contributed to your growth and success? 

Shift has given me a place to lock in for long stretches of intense focus. As a dad of 2 very young boys, working from home can be a challenge. I love to have a place to go where I can settle in for the day, be productive, and then detach when it’s family time.

What do you enjoy doing outside of business? 

I wish I had a non-stereotypical Colorado dude answer, but there’s a reason we moved here. I love to mountain bike and snowboard. 

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