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6 Habits For a Healthy Mind and Body  

It is important for you to take care of your mind and body. Today, people are under more stress than they have ever been in the past, but there are ways for you to manage your stress, take care of your physical health, and ensure you keep your mind healthy. What are some of the most important habits you should keep in mind?

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Faces of Shift with Whole Body Healing Nutrition

Each month at Shift Workspaces, we have the opportunity to highlight a valued member. We love getting to know our members not only on a professional level but also on a personal one. This month, we sat down with Georgia from Whole Body Healing Nutrition. Continue reading to hear more about her work being done at Whole Body Healing Nutrition. 

Tell us about the work you do at Whole Body Healing Nutrition. 

Whole Body Healing is a holistic nutrition practice that uses the power of food to help people heal. To put it simply, I work with people who do not feel well, whether this is an autoimmune diagnosis, hormone imbalance, Lyme Disease, weight loss/gain, or general inflammation like indigestion, bloating, or headaches. I then come up with a unique and customized nutrition and lifestyle plan for my clients to implement. We work together over time in order for clients to get their life back, start feeling their best, and confident with how to sustainably eat for their body type. Given that I am in the holistic space, I also address how a client sleeps, their stress levels, teach meditation/mindfulness, and much more!

What about this business/industry motivates you?

It was going through my own health journey that motivates me to do the work I do today. I was sick with autoimmune disorders and Lyme Disease, (a tick born illness), for several years. While I was sick, I fortunately had my nutrition degree, and knew that I could heal myself with food. I experimented with tons of different ways of eating, and ultimately learned how to take care of myself. I was able to send my health conditions into remission, where I stay today, due to the food and lifestyle changes I made. I knew that I had a needed skillset, that so many people don’t feel well, and was called to do the work I do with my clients. 

I also love how the nutrition industry is constantly changing. There’s always something to learn or a new dietary theory which makes my job fun and exciting! 

What are your company’s core values? How do they inform how your company serves clients?

Open communication, compassion, empathy, accountability, and trust. When someone is working with me, they are not only changing the way they eat, but they are changing their life! It’s an honor to guide my clients through massive shifts. Given the population I work with, many of my clients struggle with chronic, invisible illness. They are frequently dismissed by their doctors and made to feel they have a diagnosis with “no cure” or that their symptoms are “in their head.” It’s important to me for me to validate a client’s pain, and also give them hope that they don’t have to live this way forever. I find my clients feel really supported and held accountable by me since I’ve been through something similar. I also support my clients outside of their sessions through food journals and messaging in their online portal. I love the help I can offer people outside of their sessions. I find that the consistent communication and support I give is where the magic happens!

What has been the number one key to your company’s success throughout the past year?

I find people want to work with someone that they trust, and as a result I am primarily a referral-based business. I’ve found it helpful to not only connect with others but form genuine relationships in order to create a referral network. That being said, I love to meet new people, learn about other people’s businesses, so if you want to meet up after work one day for a drink or a coffee, let me know! 🙂 

What drew you to Shift to be the home base for your company here in Denver?

Even though I work with people most of the day, I have a lot of alone time! It’s important for me to be around others, have someone to say hi to, and be in an environment with motivated people. Plus, I was sick of commuting on I-25, thrilled to be closer to home, and love the free coffee!

What do you enjoy doing with your time when you are not working?

I love anything outside! Skiing, walking, spending time with friends and loved ones, Pilates, yoga, reading, and traveling are some other favorites. 

Reducing Stress in the Workplace: The Top Tips To Know

Helpful Tips To Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Are you looking for ways to reduce your stress levels? Countless people struggle with stress management every day. When feeling high levels of stress, you may feel like you are having difficulty focusing, your work performance may suffer, personal relationships may start to degrade, and you may start to question your goals and aspirations for your career. Fortunately, this is not a situation you need to face alone. Take a look at a few of the most important tips you should follow to reduce stress in the workplace.

1. Keep Track of Your Stressors in a Journal

If you want to control your stress levels at work, you need to keep track of your stressors. You may want to start by keeping a journal of your feelings, thoughts, and emotions during the day. Try to figure out when you feel stressed out, what you are doing at the time, and what your triggers might be. If you can figure out what causes your stress levels to rise, you can take steps to avoid those specific situations down the road.

2. Identify Healthy Ways To Cope With Your Stress

Whatever your stressors and reaction to your stress may be, it is important to find a healthy way to cope with your stress. Excessive eating, drinking, and drug use are common paths for people feeling stress, but may only worsen the situation. Instead, you need to find healthy ways to cope with your stress levels. Talking to a family member or friend could be beneficial. Playing a musical instrument or engaging in beloved hobbies could help you alleviate stress. Daily exercise is a great option for regulating stress levels. 

3. Create Healthy Boundaries

If you are working from home, one of the negative side effects of working from home is that the line between work and home life has blurred. These blurred boundaries are a common source of stress. You need to create healthy boundaries if you want to keep your stress levels under control. For example, you may want separate electronic devices for work and personal use. Then, turn off your work devices when you are off the clock. If you learn how to unplug and recharge, you can keep your stress levels under control.

4. Find the Right Work Environment

You should also try to find the right work environment. Even though working from home has a lot of benefits, it can also create feelings of anxiety and loneliness. If you can surround yourself with other like-minded people, you may have an easier time keeping your stress levels under control. Consider identifying a coworking environment where you can surround yourself with people with similar goals.

5. Ask for Help When You Need It

Finally, it is essential to ask for help when you need it. Even though many people try to cope with their stress levels on their own, you may need to reach out to a mental health professional, such as a psychiatrist, therapist, or counselor, who can help you. By relying on a medical professional, you can develop a comprehensive strategy to help you control your stress. That way, you can respond to stressful situations productively, allowing for improved mental health, which is essential in healthy relationships, motivation and personal growth.

Partner With Shift Workspaces for a Better Work Environment

If you keep these tips in mind, you should be able to manage your stress levels better. Remember that there is nothing wrong with reaching out to a professional who can help you. You need to take care of your mental health if you want to improve your work performance. This also means putting yourself in the right environment to succeed. At Shift, we foster a work environment that encourages collaboration, fosters relationships, and offers support. We provide you with luxury amenities and an exceptional community of members. You can control your work stress levels by surrounding yourself with like-minded, productive professionals at Shift. Learn more about our coworking opportunities today.

Faces of Shift With Point b(e) Strategies

Each month at Shift Workspaces, we have the opportunity to highlight a valued member. We love getting to know our members not only on a professional level but also on a personal one. This month, we sat down with the team from Point b(e) Strategies. Continue reading to hear more about who they are and what they are passionate about.

Tell us about the work you do at Point b(e) Strategies and introduce the team?

Point b(e) Strategies is an equity-centered, one-stop shop for organizational development and capacity building services. We work to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the social change sector – primarily partnering with nonprofits, foundations, institutes of higher education, and small city/state governmental entities. We offer strategic planning, grant writing and fund development planning, program evaluation, board and staff training, change management services, and justice, equity, diversity and inclusion services. Currently, we are a team of 14 people – but we continue to grow rapidly! While most of the team lives in Colorado, we have a staff presence in Oregon, Montana, Texas, Michigan and Virginia! Our team is composed of catalysts who are committed to changing the world through the exploration, dismantling and rebuilding of systems. 

What do you enjoy doing with your time when you are not working?

We are a team of diverse individuals with diverse hobbies! We ski, snowshoe, camp, read, travel, hike, climb, sing in bands, garden, do yoga, hang with our dogs and kiddos, volunteer in our communities, and hang out with each other!  

What is something about Point b(e) Strategies that most people do not know?

The weird spelling of our name is intentional! We think of the “Point b” of our clients being the place they want to arrive at the end of our work together. Simultaneously, we also want our work to help our clients better understand and articulate who they want to be! So, we design strategies to help clients identify who they want to be and to arrive at their desired point b!   

What about your business and/or industry motivates you?

There is a lot about the social change sector that motivates us – in fact, all of our team members worked as boots-on-the-ground in the nonprofit sector before becoming consultants. I think I speak for the team when I say that one thing that really motivates each of us is the possibility of a different world and a different way of being. We are a company that is laser-focused on equity and the creation and maintenance of more equitable and inclusive spaces – we work towards this in everything that we do and the little wins we see along the way help keep us motivated to push for and work for change. We are also motivated by our clients! Folks working in the nonprofit and social change spaces are relentless and tireless in their fight for building a better world. Watching our clients and their commitments to their communities inspires and motivates us every day. 

What is a challenge you are excited to face in the next couple of years?

As we continue to emerge from the last nearly three years of the pandemic, the nonprofit sector Is having to reinvent itself in many ways. While it feels like a steep, uphill battle on many days, it is a challenge we are collectively really excited to take on. Our approach to consulting positions us well as thought-partners and true catalysts in the sector – giving us the opportunity to help our clients ask and answer hard questions about their work, the communities they serve, and opportunities to make the world more equitable. 

How has coming to Shift Workspaces Bannock contributed to your growth and success?

Coming to Shift has been a dream! We used to have just one tiny office space in a different coworking space – making the move to Shift has allowed us to level-up and to reconnect with each other in new ways. We have spent much of the past three years working almost entirely remote. While many members of our team remain remote, moving into three offices in Shift has allowed our team to reconnect and to build more natural synergies between projects. It’s fun to come to work and we love all of the wonderful staff and amenities available at Shift.   

The Power of Hospitality in the Workplace

CEO Grant Barnhill recently spoke with the hosts of Flex Uncensored podcast about how Hospitality drives success for Shift Workspaces 

In a post-COVID world where employees are transitioning to home offices and businesses are downsizing their office space, how does a coworking office company like Shift Workspaces maintain such a high level of “stickiness” among its members? In short, it’s through simple principles such as “serving others”, “mutuality”, and “hospitality”.

Unlike other shared workspace facilities, Shift strives to promote a sense of well-being for its members and is designed in such a manner to promote workplace happiness. The facilities opt for views over walls, light over dark, and high-end amenities and furniture over usual stale office decor. Perhaps the perk that keeps members coming back is the concierge-type services Shift offers, which are comparable to those you’d find at your favorite hotel or resort. Shift’s staff provides intuitive customer service that tends to your specific preferences both personal and professional. All to help infuse an element of comfort and productivity into the workday.

Barnhill says Shift targets the more serious working crowd as opposed to the Ping-Pong playing crowd, but there is a large social element involved at each of the three Denver-area locations. For instance, Shift brings the working community together once a day, usually around food and beverage – often garnering big crowds. The workspaces also offer complementary bar service with top shelf liquor, fine wines, and specialty beers for its members. When people ask Barnhill how Shift can afford to provide food, alcohol, and other perks daily, he says it’s “Part of our whole value proposition.”

Podcast co-host Jamie Russo said when she recently visited a Shift s center she was intrigued by hospitable approach because nobody in the industry does anything like it. “Why would anyone ever leave?” she pondered. “That’s the whole point,” Barnhill said “We want to make it sticky. We want to make it so people can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Barnhill began his professional career as a Denver real estate broker in the mid-1980s and started buying apartment properties in the mid-90s, becoming an adaptive re-use apartment redeveloper in the neighborhoods around downtown for about 25 years. He bought a property in 2010 to be used as an office for his property management company. But his company only needed 3,000 square feet and he wanted to figure out a way to rent out 7,000 square feet of unneeded space. That’s when Shift Workspaces was born, and the building ultimately became the very first Shift location. The initial look and feel of the workspace mimicked some design elements of a WeWork shared office but evolved into much more of a boutique hotel-like concept geared towards a different demographic.

Barnhill’s hands are involved in every aspect of the business, including the finite details of the facilities’ design and décor. He said he picks every light fixture, piece of furniture, and even wallpaper. “It’s my favorite part of what I do.” He first gained an interest in art in 1998 at Burning Man, the annual week-long community and global cultural movement in Black Rock Desert, Nevada dedicated to anti-consumerism and self-expression. He is still enamored with the complexity and size of Burning Man art and someday wants to integrate some of that artwork into his campuses. He laughingly added that if any investors were listening to the podcast, to please give him a call.

Podcast co-host Giovanni Palavacini calls Barnhill and Shift Workspaces the “Best boutique operator in the country – everything from the product and how much goes into choosing every single bit of the design.”

He asked Barnhill what’s next for the business.

“I think our industry is really evolving,” Barnhill said. “We’re really embracing the concept of making Shift more of a social club, amenitizing it even further.”

He pointed out Shift locations have outdoor workspace, gym facilities, yoga studios, meditation rooms, areas for massage. “That’s the future. Shifts of the future will look more like a cross between Battery in San Francisco, maybe our Littleton location, and maybe Equinox – a high-end athletic club. That seems to be our direction.”

He also declared his next goal is to add swimming pools to his facilities.

Shift’s knack for hospitality has allowed and enabled them to advance into the special events space. The Littleton location is already hosting weddings, birthday parties, and other events, much like a hotel or resort would. While office services account for about 80% of the business’s gross revenue, meetings and events now ranks second on the list and has become a solid revenue stream.

Membership Options

Shift offers several membership options:

Private Office: Move-in ready private offices with ergonomic furniture and ultra-fast internet. Offices can be customized for teams of any size and are furnished with sit-stand desks, ergonomic chairs, and filing cabinets and other luxury amenities.

Dedicated Desk: Individual space with access to Shift service and amenities designed to optimize your workday.

Coworking: Unlimited access to open workspace in an open, collaborative environment, with access to Shift service and amenities.

Virtual Office: An option designed to give you the benefits of a full-time workspace while allowing your business to stay lean and nimble.

Meeting Room: Fully equipped meeting and training rooms with state-of-the-art technology and support staff for any size meeting or event.


Shift has three convenient Denver-area locations:

Shift Corona
383 N. Corona St.
Denver, CO 80218

Shift Bannock
1001 Bannock St.
Denver, CO 80204

Shift Littleton
2679 W. Main
Littleton, CO 80120


To listen to the full podcast from August 23, 2022, search “Flex Uncensored” on your favorite podcast platform or listen at the link below.

Grant Barnhill – Flex Uncensored

The Top Sustainable Practices in Business To Keep in Mind  

Today, social responsibility and stewardship are more important than they have ever been. Everyone must do their part to take care of the planet, including the commercial world. Sustainable business practices come in many shapes and forms, but what are a few examples that you can put into action? Learn more about business sustainability below, and apply them to your work routine.

1. Turn Off the Lights

It seems simple, but without a doubt, turning off the lights is one of the best ways to encourage sustainability. When someone leaves the room, encourage them to turn off the lights if they are the last ones out the door. You might even want to replace your traditional light bulbs with LED bulbs. LED bulbs last much longer and do not use as much energy. If you can reduce the electricity you use, you can create a more sustainable business environment.

2. Focus on Water Conservation

You should also focus on water conservation. There are a few ways you can do so. They include:

-Install faucets that automatically turn off after a few seconds.

-Encourage people to use tap water or water from the fountain instead of bottled water.

-Check the toilets regularly to ensure they are operating as efficiently as possible.

-Invest in routine plumbing maintenance to reduce the chances of leaks.

These simple steps can go a long way toward conserving water. This is a pillar of sustainable business practices.

3. Have Recycling Bins Available

Recycling is critical for sustainability. You should have recycling bins available at work. Check with your local area arrangements for recycling and create a commitment in your workspace to comply with the local procedures. If you need to have a separate bin for different items, be sure to make them available. You might even want to incentivize your employees to recycle more by giving them bonuses or gift cards when they recycle certain amounts of goods.

4. Partner With a Nonprofit

You can also encourage sustainability by partnering with a local nonprofit organization. Partnering with a non-profit organization can also help you improve your marketing strategy. Customers want to buy products and services from companies that care about the environment. Talented employees also want to work with companies that positively impact the community. Consider donating some of your resources to a local nonprofit organization. You might also want to give your employees a couple of extra days off per year if they use them to volunteer with the nonprofit. This is a great way to learn more about sustainable business practices.

Focus on Sustainable Business Practices With Shift Workspaces

If you want your company and employees to focus on sustainability, you must partner with the right organization. If you are looking for a work environment that focuses on sustainability, take a closer look at Shift Workspaces. Shift focuses on social stewardship, the environment, and sustainability. You can surround yourself with individuals who share your same goals, and you can learn more about how you can make a positive impact on the environment. Learn more about the workspace options at Shift and join our community that encourages collaboration, foster relationships, and support you on your journey to work better.

Faces of Shift with Justin Barnes of Trane Technologies

Each month at Shift Workspaces, we have the opportunity to highlight a valued member. We love getting to know our members not only on a professional level but also on a personal one. This month, we sat down with Justin Barnes, National Account Executive at Trane Technologies. Continue reading to discover Justin’s story. 

Tell us about the work you do at Trane?

To simplify it all, I’m a business outcomes advisor, helping clients leverage their buildings to meet business goals. I’ve been with Trane for 25 years this July. I’m a mechanical engineer in technical sales of HVAC equipment, controls, services, and energy solutions for buildings. I work specifically with national account customers in vertical markets ranging from restaurant, retail, data center, and commercial buildings. As a National Account Executive, I’m responsible for managing the business and have a team of application specialists, project managers, and project administrators who are located throughout the U.S. 

What about your business and/or industry motivates you?

I’m motivated to have “comfortable” customers with energy efficient HVAC equipment. Being in sales I’m motivated by thrill of business development and building long-term relationships. 

What are your company’s core values? How do they inform how your company serves clients? 

Our company’s primary mission statement is to “Reduce the Earth’s Energy Intensity”. We accomplish this by manufacturing and servicing energy efficient HVAC equipment and building controls.

What is your business’s long-term goals?

Trane Technologies has one primary long-term goal. We call it the “The Gigaton Challenge”. We’re reducing one gigaton – one billion metric tons – of carbon emissions (CO2e) from our customers’ footprint by 2030. 

Other than work, what are you passionate about?

Raising a family with my wife. We have three kids and all in sports. Tends to drive the weekend schedules at times. I love to mountain bike, ski/board, and all things outdoors.

How has coming to Shift Workspaces Littleton contributed to your growth and success?

I’ve been with my current company for 25 years. I had the same cube desk near downtown Denver until I moved to Shift Workspaces. The culture and atmosphere at Shift fit my outgoing personality. I live close by so I’m able to save significant time from driving every day. I’ve made friends and business connections that I would have never had the opportunity being at my corporate office.