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Faces of Shift with the team from Vinyl Me, Please

We take pride in the great relationships we create with our members at Shift Workspaces. This month we are highlighting the team from Vinyl Me, Please from Shift Bannock. Continue reading to find out all about the unique products and services VMP offers.

How would you describe VMP to someone who had not heard of you before?

VMP is a community of explorers and storytellers seeking tangible music We offer a monthly record subscription, an online record store with exclusive pressings, and a multitude of editorial content and events. There’s no algorithm: just people picking albums they think everyone should own and care about.

What about your industry motivates and excites you?

One of the biggest joys of our jobs is supporting artists through our vinyl products and online Magazine — everyone from Usher to St. Vincent to unsigned artists (via our Rising program). We work directly with management teams and labels to honor their music via the vinyl format and support the record with editorial content such as interviews with the artists, photo essays, and a robust digital marketing campaign that introduces new fans to their music.

Another thing that motivates and excites us is vinyl resurgence. Being a leader and integral part of the vinyl resurgence poses exciting opportunities, yet also challenges us to overcome obstacles as we scale our customer base and vinyl production. It’s a very exciting time to be producing vinyl and, in many ways, leading the charge.

Over the past 8 years, we’ve cultivated an audience of music superfans who trust our curation and are open to exploring new music spanning all decades and genres. This makes our job really fun.

What does the VMP team enjoy doing in their free time?

The VMP team attends a lot of live music (sometimes all together!), listening to records, and exploring our various cities since we’ve become a remote workforce.

What drew you to Shift Workspaces and how has it helped your team?

Like many businesses, VMP became a fully remote company during the pandemic. Once COVID-19 vaccines were readily available, we were looking for a space to come back together to continue developing relationships with each other, which in turn makes us a stronger team. Shift has been a great place to facilitate that reunion and professional development.

What do you see for the future of VMP?

We hope to continue to trailblaze the vinyl resurgence and create solutions for the music industry as demand continues to grow. As music lovers, we all have our list of dream artists that we’d love to partner with and hope to one day make our vinyl wishlist come true with VMP exclusive pressings and partnerships. 

If you would like to know more about VMP, you can visit them on their website, or check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

Inviting Nature into the Workplace

Today’s workspace interiors are slowly moving away from the former windowless cubicles, plain walls, and harsh lighting, as modern workers are choosier about how and where they work. Employees are more reluctant about returning to a stuffy and impersonal workspace.

Coworking spaces are attracting more usage due, in part, to their attractive open floor designs with incorporated natural elements. Larger companies are taking a closer look, reviewing how nature can help improve the office mood and stay current with workplace trends.

People are now drawn to working environments influenced by a closer connection to nature. To lure new talent and their staff back into the workplace, companies are rethinking the layout of their corporate environments and turning to Biophilic Design as a way of enhancing their workspaces.

What is Biophilic Design?

Simply put, biophilic design incorporates elements of nature and natural materials into buildings and communities, bringing people and the outdoors together in a shared space. In environments where greenery and other live features are not practical, biophilic design may rely on the strategic use of colors and architectural shapes mixed with more natural lighting.

Natural Elements 

Recent studies show that people who share their office space with greenery and natural features have higher levels of wellbeing, feel more productive, and notice a boost in creativity. There are several excellent biophilic additions to a workspace that will achieve these benefits.

Greenery gives an instant boost and improves air quality by naturally removing carbon dioxide, producing oxygen-rich air, and absorbing pollutants. Living Walls and small indoor garden areas to add freshness and a splash of color.

– Large windows maximize natural sunlight and enhance views. If security and safety allow, operable windows draw in the fresh air. 

– Architectural features that mimic natural elements add warmth to a workspace. Expose wooden beams and combine with textures like brick and paint tones found within nature. 

– Water features such as small fountains, fish tanks, and ponds add living energy, and the audio aspect enhances relaxation.

Proven Benefits

The addition of even a small amount of greenery can have a substantial and quantifiable impact on worker health and attitude. Mental, emotional, and physical benefits have been linked directly to the addition of natural elements within the workplace. Employees are the first to relate their improved overall performance in a biophilic environment.

Declining stress levels lead to increased motivation, improvement in concentration, and enhanced creativity. Add to that the physical benefits, including fewer stress-related illnesses and quicker recovery times. 

The new trend towards biophilic design is worth the investment to any company and doesn’t need to be large to be effective. The incorporation of natural elements into a workspace provides several definable benefits to both workers and management.

Virtual office spaces like Shift Workspaces are way ahead of the game by using nature and natural elements within their co-working spaces, attracting an ever-increasing number of workers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs through their doors. Large companies and corporations should take note and learn from their example.

Faces of Shift with C10

At Shift Workspaces, we take pride in fostering great relationships with each and every one of our members in the Shift community. This month we are highlighting the C10 team out of our Littleton location. Continue reading below to find out more about C10 and their commitment to successful and fun relationship-building within their industry. 

What about your industry motivates and excites you? How have you seen your industry change in the past year?

Our team helps people connect in a human way that brings people together to accomplish great things. We make networking and executive relationship-building accessible and enjoyable. CIOs are pitched all the time by technology organizations seeking to foist their products onto them. We transform this typically tedious, unproductive and business-focused pursuit into a relationship-centered opportunity that actually works. IT representatives benefit from the opportunity to connect with CIOs on a deeper level through carefully planned, exciting events. During COVID we pivoted and started doing virtual events. However, we have found that people more than ever are missing that in-person connection, so we are back up and running doing events in over 22 cities across the United States.

What is your biggest piece of advice for someone who wants to get started in your field?

Understanding that your network is your net worth. If you were to ask a top IT leader of any fortune 500 company how they got to where they are they will always say ‘the connections they made along their career.’ Our events are all about real relationships, good times with family, and making IT work better for all of us. At C10, the focus is firmly on the people, as genuine relationships are key to the sale.

What do you all enjoy doing in your free time?

We are all are big travelers and adventurous. We love being outside, Pilates, visiting our favorite restaurants as we consider ourselves ‘foodies’ and enjoying times with friends and family.

What drew you to Shift Workspaces and how has working here helped your team?

The atmosphere and amenities are definitely what drew us to Shift, as well as the people. Everyone is genuinely so nice and helpful. Also, Shift helps keep us productive and connected to the people in the office. It’s a community that has opened up opportunities where we have been able to work with people in the office.

What do you see for the future of C10?

In 2022, C10 is planning on doing 22 events in 22 cities. We will continue to connect with Fortune 500 executive decision makers nationally peer-to-peer and grow into new markets. We’re going to continue featuring our Spotlight Thought Leaders in a personal way to find their meaning of LEGACY both personally and professionally.

If you would like to know more about C10, you can visit them on their website

A Comprehensive Guide to Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that helps local businesses manage the information that is displayed in different ways on Google Search and Google Maps. 

For example, if you do a Google Search for a business that is listed in Google My Business, you will see an information box on the top-right side of the results page that displays key information about that business such as the address, their operating hours, phone number, and useful links to their website and the Google Maps app to get directions. 

People are already accustomed to finding all the information they need just by checking this information box, so having a current and complete listing is crucial. Let’s talk about how and why you should be utilizing Google My Business.

Showcase your products and services

The information box is also a great way of demonstrating the quality of your products and services through the reviews that are displayed there. This is a key element people are looking for when deciding who they want to do business with. 

Another important feature is the Google Local Pack. These are the three business listing results that appear right under the map whenever you do a local search. In order for your business to appear on the Google Local Pack at all, you need to be listed on Google My Business.

Finally, if you want your business to appear as a result on Google Maps, a Google My Business account is very important. These features all contribute to your organic growth and Search Engine Optimization that will help you in generating sales and increasing brand awareness on the web. 

The benefit of Google Analytics

Google My Business not only provides you with a free listing on Google, it also provides you with valuable data you can use to gain insight into the search queries people are using to find your company. This includes statistics like profile engagement, views, audience demographics and click information. You can then evaluate this data to make strategic decisions and increase your website traffic. 

Setting up your Google My Business page

Setting up a Google My Business page is easy and quick. You just need to fill out a few pages with information such as your real-world business name, the main category that best represents your business, your address, select the areas that you cover, add your contact information. 

Once you verify your listing via an automated phone call or by postcard you are given access to your very own Google My Business Dashboard, where you can complete your listing with opening hours, photos, logos, and a description of your business.

After you begin developing your Google My Business page, slowly but surely you will start to see these great benefits positively impacting your business. And as always, for all of your needs here at the office or from home, Shift Workspaces will be here to help.

Faces of Shift with Avenue Logistics

At Shift Workspaces, we love getting to know each of our members on a personal level. This month we had the opportunity to sit down with the team from Avenue Logistics to learn more about them and what they do. We hope you enjoy getting to know more about this amazing team as much as we have!


Tell us about the work you do at Avenue Logistics.

We are a freight brokerage that offers a full suite of logistics services to shippers of all sizes in all major industries. We specialize in full truckload, partial, LTL, warehousing, consolidation, and freight management services. We thrive on bringing new technology to old relationships, and our focus at Avenue is on using our proprietary load matching software to reduce waste in the supply chain without losing a personal and familiar touch.


What about this business motivates you?

The personal connection and friendships we make with our clients, we thrive on these partnerships. We are constantly being met with new challenges and opportunities for growth. Every day we are given the chance to bring new transportation solutions to our clients. This keeps our days interesting, fun, and very fast-moving!


What are your company’s core values? How do they inform how your company serves clients?

At Avenue Logistics we understand that it is important for our clients to connect with a live person 24/7/365 and we recognize that every interaction matters. We specialize in faster and more efficient coverage, and optimized transportation costs, all with lower environmental impact. We focus on Dedicated Carrier Opportunities and use proprietary matching technology that allows Avenue Logistics to quickly and effortlessly find opportunities that fit in a carrier’s network. Innovative and forward-thinking technology designed by in-house experienced professionals is advancing our growth exponentially. We know that it takes a team of amazing people to make each of these avenues a success. We deliver our best at all times and through all modes, it’s the Avenue way for transparency in transit with a partner you can trust!


What has been the number one key to your company’s success throughout the past year?

Our people, we have a team of truly dedicated supply chain professionals here to provide the best solutions. The dedication our team has to supply chain solutions and our strong relationships with our clients is what keeps us successful!


What drew you to Shift to be the home base for your company here in Denver?

We are happy to call Shift our home base for our Denver CO branch. We were drawn to the high-energy environment and convenience that Shift offers. We have been happy to interact with and meet people from many different industries here on a day-to-day basis. We also love the amenities and bright offices. full of natural light and fun outdoor spaces.


When you and the team are away from the office, what do you enjoy doing?

We all enjoy the many outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer! In our spare time, we enjoy camping, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. We also have a member of a Colorado-based band on our team, check them out! 3420 out of Fort Collins, CO.


If you would like to learn more about Avenue Logistics, you can visit them on their website.

How to Finish Your Year Strong

The end of the year is already in sight. As we prepare to enter Q4 it is a fantastic idea to be proactive and take advantage of this time instead of letting it go to waste. 

Here are a few ideas to help you finish your year strong:


Stress management is key to taking full advantage of the last months of the year, and a big source of stress for most people is the clutter in their desks, their computers, and their inboxes. So start by cleaning out your inbox, sort everything in your computer in folders instead of having everything on your screen, and clean everything on your desk. This will make you feel more comfortable in your workplace, and it may also produce the added benefit of providing you with a clear mind as well. 

Back your data up

While it is important to continually back up your data throughout the year, once you clean up your desktop, it is a great idea to create a backup of all your data now that it is freshly organized to give yourself a clean start. This includes your computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Not only should you back up to a cloud storage system, but you should also consider using an external hard drive for additional insurance. 

List your accomplishments

Make a list of your biggest triumphs of the year, and the obstacles you overcame to achieve those victories. The goal is not only to make you feel good about your year but also to think about how you will be able to replicate these achievements next year. Make sure to also mention everybody who contributed to these successful moments.  

Show your appreciation

Use this time to thank everybody that played a key role in your organization’s accomplishments. This can be anything from a personalized thank you email, to a gift basket or a coupon code.

List your failures

On the flip side, it is also very important to list this year’s shortcomings. Making such a list can help you make a more detached analysis of what went wrong, which will, in turn, help you avoid making these same mistakes next year. Remember that the only way to fail is to not learn from your mistakes. 

Review your digital presence

Take this time to review all the elements that form your digital presence. Start with your website, take the time to click each link, and see if they all work. Check if the information provided is still relevant. Analyze if it still looks fresh or if it looks outdated and needs a full redesign. Then head over to your newsletter and see what improvements can be made. Finally, check out all your social media profiles and see if they are in need of an update. 

Of course, as we head into 2022 and beyond, Shift Workspaces will always be here to help and facilitate your success. 

Faces of Shift with EPIC

We love getting to know our Shift members on a level that goes deeper than the surface. Each month we highlight a group from the Shift Workspaces community to learn more about. This month, we interviewed EPIC from Shift Workspaces Bannock. We hope you enjoy getting to know more about EPIC as much as we did!

  1. Tell us, what is EPIC and what does your firm specialize in?

Evolution Private Investment Collective (EPIC), is a Denver-based asset management firm opening up private markets by connecting three stakeholder groups with unique problems: individuals, their financial advisors, and the managers to whom the firm allocates capital. EPIC was incubated inside a large multi-family office and now operates independently. Our flagship fund series is designed to empower financial advisors to focus on achieving their clients’ financial objectives through a diversified allocation to private markets.

  1. What are EPIC’s core values? How do they inform how your company serves clients?

EPIC’s mission is to make private markets simple and accessible for everyone. Right now, this means that we are focused on expanding the private market investor base. Historically, private markets have been dominated by large institutional investors such as university endowments or public pensions. Through our innovative fund structure, our transparent fees, and our focus on lower-middle market investment opportunities, we enable individuals and their families to confidentially invest in private markets.

  1. Speaking of clients, who is your target customer, and how do you successfully reach them?

We target individuals and their families, often working in partnership with that individual’s financial advisor. We have implemented a B2B2C model whereby we are focused on establishing relationships with independent RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) who wish to offer their clients private investment opportunities via our strategies.

  1. What makes EPIC different from your competitors?

Our competitors often pitch financial advisors and their clients a story of access as the sole solution to participate in private markets. Realistically, in addition to access, advisors need to be confident that they are investing in high-quality opportunities, meeting client investment objectives, and offering a scalable and consistent strategy. All without significantly increasing their overhead and introducing administrative complications. We believe we are the only group acknowledging advisors’ needs in a holistic way.

  1. All companies face everyday struggles. What are some of the challenges you face as an asset management firm?

Trust is a key component of the financial services industry, and, as a result, most young financial services firms are hesitant to refer to themselves as start-ups. We are lucky enough to have a 3-year track record from our first fund which was started in 2018 when our investment team operated inside of the family office that we’ve since spun out of. That said, we face the same problems that most start-ups face: how do we establish our brand in the marketplace? where do we allocate our next dollar? and who should we hire to facilitate growth?

  1. What is your biggest piece of advice for those starting out in the industry?

The financial services industry is dominated by a handful of large incumbent players, which can be intimidating. But it is this dominance that creates space for smaller start-ups to differentiate themselves by embracing new ways of thinking and doing. Additionally, this market is generally ripe for innovative disruption, whereby new firms can expand the market by addressing previously unserved or under-served customer segments.

  1. How did the two of you become business partners? Who else is on your team?

Michael Fitzpatrick and I (Alec Garza) have known each other for close to 20 years since we both grew up in Austin, TX. We used to play football and lacrosse together in middle school and we went to high school together, and we stayed close throughout college. Over the years, Michael became a sounding board for me as I started outlining a vision for EPIC. Once I launched the firm, it was a natural progression to have Michael join the team. The two of us work with Jimmy Hirschmann who was on our legacy investment team at IWP and is our third full-time partner. We have a handful of part-time investment committee members and advisors, and we were lucky enough to also have two interns this past summer.

  1. Share with us how you “Make private markets simple and accessible for everyone.”

I’ll address this question in two parts. First, we make private markets simple through our customizable fund-of-funds structure that provides broad diversification to private markets while taking into consideration an investor’s objectives.  Investors determine their allocation to the share classes in our fund, and from there we handle all the complexities of portfolio construction, reporting, capital calls, etc. Second, at the highest level, we make private markets accessible by developing strategies specifically designed for our target market (individuals and families) who were traditionally ignored by the incumbent players. It used to be that only large institutional investors were ever made aware of private investment opportunities; we are changing that.

  1. What is your long-term vision for your collective?

The long-term vision for EPIC is to facilitate a network of like-minded stakeholders (fund managers, individuals, and independent investment advisors) so that those stakeholders can realize the value created in private markets. In general, the opaque nature of private markets makes them difficult to operate in, let alone understand. By creating a network of others with similar goals, we will both encourage new participants while expanding the market itself.

  1. How has coming to Shift Workspaces Bannock contributed to your growth and success?

Shift lets us right-size our office space for our firm. With a dynamic team, it is important for us to have the flexibility that’s inherent in the Shift business model. Besides the business consideration, the space is enjoyable to work in and you can’t beat the people you see on a daily basis!

If you would like to get to know more about EPIC, you can check them out on their website and LinkedIn.

How to Better Prioritize Mental Health for Your Employees

Everybody’s mental health has suffered in varying degrees during the COVID-19 pandemic. The uncertainty of the situation, the panic that came with the lack of information, and having to adapt to a completely new work routine was the perfect mix for an increase in anxiety, financial insecurity, and worry for loved ones among most workers. 

Now, after a very efficient and successful vaccine distribution, more and more companies are requiring workers to come back to the office and back to things as they were before the pandemic hit. 

To some this is fantastic news, others have seen this as another threat to their mental and physical health. After all, the pandemic is not fully over yet, and the fears that came with it are still very present in most peoples’ minds. 

Add to that the fact that in a little over a year and a half, people started to feel like they had some sort of control over their routines when working remotely. Not to mention the huge change that going from being completely alone or around very few people all day to going straight into crowded public transportation and huge crowds will feel like for most. 

So making mental health in the workplace should be a priority for most companies, especially during this transition period. 

Here is a quick guide to help you better prioritize mental health in the workplace:

Stay flexible

Making it mandatory for every employee to come into the office does not help promote mental health. Instead, you might want to keep the option of working remotely open for those who don’t prefer to head back to the office. 

Even if your goal is to have everybody back in the office at a certain date, it is better if you let your employees ease into the idea of going back in person by providing them with the option of working from home or in a safe coworking space, even if it’s only part-time or temporary. Coworking spaces are proven to increase productivity and benefit mental health.

Promote emotional well-being

Help your employees to keep track of their emotional well-being by providing them the tools and resources they need for that purpose. There are many apps that help people track their pulse, mood, and engagement every day. Also giving them the option of taking a decompression day to focus on their mental health can be a great way of helping people not feel overwhelmed. 

Pay attention to warning signs

Learning to identify early warning signs can help you provide assistance to your employees before their mental health hits a low point they can’t bounce back from easily. 

Some common signs are struggling to meet deadlines, resistance when given feedback or having strong reactions to minor incidents. If you notice any of these, you might want to reach out to these employees privately. 

When the time comes to look at flexible remote working options for you and your employees, let Shift Workspaces guide the way and show you a better way of working.

Faces of Shift with Traction Financial Partners

Each month at Shift Workspaces, we have the opportunity to highlight a valued member. We love getting to know our members not only on a professional level but also on a personal one. This month we are highlighting Traction Financial Partners from Shift Littleton. Continue reading below to find out all about their business and what makes them great!

  1. You have been with us at Shift Littleton for the past year now. What has it been like transitioning to a coworking space?

It’s honestly been such a great transition for us! We were a little nervous to make a change from such a traditional office space, but it’s been smoother than we could have imagined. Not only do we love working in such a gorgeous space with everything we need, but our clients are so impressed every time they come in.

  1. How does Shift help you better serve your clients?

Shift has provided us with a gorgeous, centrally located, professional office space for us to serve our clients. It has everything we need from a professional services standpoint but also has provided a calm and relaxing environment for us to connect on a deeper level as well. Eliminating the stuffy traditional office space from such a traditional industry has done wonders for our team and clients alike.

  1. What are your company’s core values? How do they inform how your company serves clients?

Our core values are stewardship, excellence, accountability, loyalty and innovation. We exemplify stewardship by faithfully caring for those we are entrusted with; excellence through our commitment to constant improvement; accountability by always doing what has to be done and communicating the process along the way; loyalty through our care for clients as we are a family and treat our them as family too; and innovation through our continual commitment to learn and advance in every way possible.

  1. What has been the number one key to your company’s continued success throughout the past year? Particularly, through the pandemic.

Communication, communication, communication. We make a conscious effort to communicate with our clients on a regular basis, to begin with, but the pandemic made it an even higher priority. Of course, we updated them on our views of the economic markets and their account status but we made a bigger effort to check in on our clients from a personal perspective too. The last year and a half has been extremely challenging on everyone from all directions so we’ve tried hard to let our clients know that we’re here for them in any way we can be, personally and professionally. 

  1. What advice would you give to young professionals regarding saving for their financial future?

The biggest thing is to just start somewhere. Even if you can’t put away hundreds of dollars a month, you’d be shocked at how much a little bit on a consistent basis adds up to, especially when it’s invested and can have time to ride out the market. The time value of money is huge and starting as early as possible will make a significant impact down the road.

  1. What is the most rewarding aspect of working with your financial clients?

Being provided with the opportunity to walk with clients through all stages of life is beyond rewarding. Helping them plan to buy their first home, save for having kids, and into retirement is such a blessing. Knowing that we can help provide guidance to help financial goals and dreams come true makes this hands down one of the most rewarding jobs out there.

If you would like to get to know more about Traction Financial Partners, you can visit them on Facebook.

How Coworking Can Benefit You as a Remote Employee

Working remotely can be a very satisfying experience. You don’t have to deal with long commutes or rush hour traffic jams, you can usually make your own schedule, you have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, and you have the freedom to personalize your workspace however you want it. 

However, there are a few drawbacks that every remote employee will experience eventually such as feeling isolated and lonely, struggling to increase your productivity, being distracted and finding excuses to procrastinate too often, and having a hard time separating work from home. On top of this, an inadequately equipped home office can lead to physical issues too. 

Many remote workers have found that the best solution is to use a local coworking space to do their jobs. Here are a few ways coworking can benefit you as a remote employee:

Drive productivity

As a remote worker, you have the freedom to set your own schedule and be as flexible as you want with it. But this flexibility often leads to a chaotic routine that impacts your productivity negatively. Using a coworking space can help you lay the foundations of a more structured routine that will in turn boost your productivity. 

Combat loneliness

Working from home can feel very lonely after a while, especially if you are a digital nomad and change homes every few months. By joining a coworking space you get the benefit of being surrounded by like-minded professionals who can make your remote work feel way less lonely. This doesn’t mean that you will get interrupted constantly by other chatty members, after all this is a workplace and people are there to actually work. 

Do what works for you

Coworking spaces are usually set up to accommodate many different styles of working. If you work better in a traditional office, then you can work in a space that emulates that feeling. If you prefer a more relaxed type of setup, then you may want to check out the couches, bean bags, and coffee tables you can work from. Or if you work better outdoors, then there are often decks and terraces you can use. Some coworking spaces even have things like hammocks, giant nets, and other unusual areas for those looking for something unique. 

Work and travel

Nothing disrupts your routine more than traveling, and this in turn has a great negative impact on your productivity. Coworking spaces can help you mitigate this effect because they are literally everywhere in the world, and you can just pop in and get a desk whenever you need one. This means that your routine can follow you wherever you go. 

Be part of a community

Coworking spaces are also known for the strong communities that are formed between their members. They often have activities and events that help you grow your network and connect with others. This is very valuable for remote workers because they are usually not exposed to these social interactions. 

Work whenever you want

The ability to set up your own schedule gives you the power to work whenever you feel more productive. Some people feel like they do their best work during the normal 9-5 work hours. Others feel more productive very early in the morning, and there are also the night owls who like to work very late at night. Coworking spaces can accommodate most schedules, and some are even open 24/7, so you have access to a professional work environment no matter what your preference is.