3 Ways To Help You Overcome the New Years Blues in 2020

After that hectic flurry of activity that was the end of 2019, you probably find yourself coming down a little too hard from all the joy and celebration of this past holiday season.

It’s time to get back to the real world.

This means that, for many, the first few days of the year have felt like they were all blended together to form a never-ending Monday.

You may feel tired, a bit melancholic, annoyed, and to make matters worse there is still a long winter ahead, as well as the Mondayest Monday of them all: Blue Monday (January 20th), which is considered the most depressing day of the year.

What you are feeling is totally valid, but is this really how you want to start this new year, let alone the new decade?

Just a few days ago you were so excited for 2020 and had a list of how you were going to be better. So, take a moment to tap into that energy for a second.

Found it?


Now you can use this reservoir of good vibes to overcome the New Years Blues. To help you out here are a few tips to get you to you feel like 2020 is your year!

Take an honest inventory of your feelings

The best place to start changing anything is to understand what you are working with. That is why it is important that you notice exactly how you’ve been feeling these past few days. Ask yourself how you have been feeling at work, at home, when spending time with people, and also when you are by yourself.

Once you have an understanding of your feelings you can start thinking about the situations that are triggering you and solving those issues.

You might be SAD

If you find that your feelings are more intense than regular New Year Blues then you might just be suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Quick side note: this is the most accurate acronym ever.

 SAD is a real medical condition that is caused by hormonal shifts in your brain that happen each time the season changes. Talk to your doctor and they will help you overcome this condition.

Pro tip: whenever the sun comes out during the winter, take some time to step outside and absorb all that vitamin D. Natural light can do wonders for our mood and emotions.

Don’t hibernate

It is still winter after all and although you might feel tempted to hide away inside your house all day, even more so if you can do most of your work from home, it is important for the sake of your sanity that you interact with other people.

So go out there.

Spend some time with your friends and loved ones hit the gym, and make an effort to work from a place that motivates and inspires you (i.e. your favorite coffee shop or your local coworking space).

These are just a few ideas to set you on the right path to a happier you and to get you excited for January instead of dreading the thought of 31 consecutive Mondays.


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