3 Reasons Why We Love to Work with Denver Charities

It’s the time of year when giving back takes center stage. While giving back to our community is something we do year-round at Shift Workspaces, ahead of giving Tuesday this December 3rd, the Shift team is working with the Denver Children’s Home.

This week, on November 21st, our team will be volunteering at the home to feed dinner and we will also take with us the toys donated by Shift Workspaces members.

Giving back to our community is part of Shift Workspaces’ DNA, and over the years we have focused on working with local organizations because we believe that by working with them, we can have a much greater impact.

To get you in the spirit of giving back and engaged with your local community, here are three of the many reasons why we love to work with local organizations.

It strengthens our community

By working with local organizations like the Denver Children’s Home, we are not only giving back to the community that has helped us succeed as a business, but we are also strengthening our community by contributing to a common cause.

Working with a local organization also provides us with the perfect opportunity to learn more about our community members and it gives us a chance to dialogue with others, expanding our circle, getting a better understanding of what our community needs, and finding a shared sense of purpose.

Our contribution matters

While all donations and contributions matter, when you give back on a local scale it’s easier to see how much of an impact you’ve made. With local organizations, a small contribution can go a long way in powering an effort, increasing its reach, or growing awareness.

Not only that but working with a local organization makes it easier to follow-up on your contributions and you can have a more active role in how the donation is used.

It’s a great way to share our values and purpose

Working with a local organization is a great way to share our business values and purpose with our members and our community. It’s a wonderful way to share what we care about and what our employees and clients care about.

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